Dassault Aviation to drop Silvercrest engine contract with Safran

14 December 2017

Dassault Aviation said on Wednesday that it would drop a contract with Safran for the development of the Silvercrest business jet engine and that it would a launch a new project powered by U.S. airplane engine maker Pratt & Whitney.

“Dassault Aviation initiates the termination process of the Silvercrest contract leading to the end of the Falcon 5X program and plans to start negotiations with Safran,” Dassault Aviation said in a statement, citing delays in Silvercrest delivery. “I have decided to launch a new Falcon project powered by Pratt & Whitney Canada engines, featuring the same cross section as the Falcon 5X...and scheduled to enter into service in 2022,” Dassault Chief Executive Eric Trappier said.


Source: reuters.com