Membership Details proudly announce first of its kind membership service to all its suppliers and buyers fetches updates from the industry and will be provided with an URL highlighting key products that are on the offer. Membership service comes at as low as $100 per year.

Benefits of Membership:

  1. 1. To enroll as the member in the list of Association.
  2. 2. Receive enquiries about the Business and Orders.
  3. 3. Monthly emails on Newsletters and latest product launches.
  4. 4. Certificate of Membership.
  5. 5. Utilize Technology platform for Business contact building, exchange of business information and knowledge transfer.
  6. 6. 10%-20% discount for other services on the offer from the Defence Industries portal.
  7. 7. Share articles on portal to reach wider buyers/suppliers perspective.


Membership criteria as follows:

S no

Membership Category

Who Can Apply for Membership ?


Small Enterprises

Manufacturers, Exporters, Importers, Suppliers, Research Institutes, Service Sector, Distributors and Suppliers with Fewer turnovers.


(A) Medium Enterprises

Manufacturers, Exporters, Contract Manufacturer, Importers, Technology Providing Companies, Service Sector with Medium turnover.


Corporate & Multinationals

Manufacturers, Exporters, Contract Manufacturer and Service Sector with High turnover



Consultants, Professionals, Experts



Individuals and CEO of International Organisations, Corporate, Multi-National Companies


Membership fee starts at as low as $100 reaching maximum of $250 depending on the categories and services offered. 

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