NODIN Aviation AS

NODIN Aviation AS
Olav Karstein
President and Director R&D
" Mr. Olav Kaarstein was the founder of the company NODIN Aviation AS, established in 1998. The decision to establish the company came as a result of inquiries from the Royal Norwegian Air Force for assistance in the development of products for improving the efficiency of their patient. Kaarstein has been president of the Association of Norwegian Inventors for three years and worked with product development and problem-solving for more than forty years. "

1. Give us your perspective on NODIN’s motto: YOUR NEEDS - OUR KNOWLEDGE - EQUALS INNOVATION?

NODIN Aviation is a company focusing on development and innovation of products and concepts for transport and medical treatment of people who have been injured in war and catastrophes. For the last 20 years, we have been involved in several projects based on our customers’ NEEDS.

Our team has military and field medical experience, and jointly with our customers proficiency we have the best KNOWLEDGE. A close dialogue and collaboration between the customer and our innovative team make INNOVATION.

2. How can NODIN’s Medical Evacuation - MEDEVAC assists in patient’s movement in urgency?

The end-users of our products and concepts are mainly military forces that utilize many and diverse platforms in their operations. Most of these platforms have the potential for dual use, it is therefore important for us to find solutions that easily can modify to the different platforms enabling them to also transport sick and injured if needed. In other words, we focus on ROLE EQUIPMENT; “Rapid assembly when needed, and quick demount when not”. MEDEVAC equipment and concepts that can be quickly mounted in any platform will significantly increase the medical evacuation readiness, capability, and capacity.

3. What role do CASEVAC and MEDEVAC equipment play in defining the company’s growth path and how would you define their USP (Unique Selling Point)?

When we develop unique evacuation solutions, we always strive to develop simple, efficient and low operation cost products and concepts. Our strength is to develop and produce customized solutions almost as if they were off-the-shelf products. We have a small but efficient organization that can quickly make technical and financial decisions in cooperation with our customers.

4. Could you share a few cases of critical emergencies where NODIN’s Aviation made a difference?

Military critical emergencies are usually not public, but it is worth to mention our solution for transforming an ordinary passenger aircraft (Boeing 737) to a “Flying Hospital”. Such an aircraft was used by the Norwegian military in the In Amenas hostage crisis in 2013, helping diverse nations in need of medical assistance. We are also very proud when we learn that our Shock and Vibration Damped Surgical Workstation has saved lives in actual operations.

5. How unique are the delivery models of NODIN’s land, naval, and aircraft systems?

We are as mentioned, focused on R&D work and we put all our pride in using our experience and knowledge to find optimal solutions for the benefit of patients and medical personnel. Our ambition is to contribute in any scenario, on any platform, in the medical evacuation chain: "From point of injury to homeland hospital".

6. Could you highlight some flagship projects that show NODIN’s expertise and capabilities?

•    Conversion Kit for transforming an ordinary passenger aircraft (in this case Boing 737) to a “flying hospital” within a few hours. A strategic evacuation (STRATEVAC) unit equipped for the treatment of intensive care patients and with a capacity ranging from 2 intensive care patients of up to 22 beds for less critical patients per aircraft.
•    CASEVAC Kit is a Shock and Vibration Damped Stretcher Suspension System packed in a high-quality box for quick mounting without the use of tools. The kit is in use on all types of platforms like airplanes, helicopters, vessels and armored or unarmored vehicles in several countries.
•    Our CASEVAC Kit solution also forms the basis for “The Catastrophe Stretcher Rack Installation” on board the 16 new AW 101 SAR helicopters ordered by the Norwegian government.
•    Our four-folded Field Stretcher with 7-point integrated harness is compact and durable, and designed according to NATO Stanag 2040 and Stanag 3204 AMD allowing for patients being transferred from vessel and vehicle to aircraft without changing stretcher.
•    Based on our "role equipment" philosophy, we have designed an air cargo pallet integrated MEDEVAC working station for intensive medical treatment of patients during transport in cargo aircrafts. The Royal Netherlands Air Force has selected our Palletized Medical Evacuation System to be used primarily onboard c-130 Hercules transport aircraft. Our collaboration partner Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group in Cambridge has the lead in this delivery of four units.
•    New future MEDEVAC products and concepts are in a development phase.

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