Multi Domain Battle Management Summit 2019

21 August - 23 August, 2019



Washington D.C., United States

Organized By:


+44 207 368 9300

129 Wilton Road, London SW1V 1JZ, United Kingdom

About Multi Domain Battle Management Summit 2019

The Enemy of future battlefields will be unlike those of the past. Over the last two decades our adversaries have examined our capabilities and have developed various ways to counter act against them and weaken our domain overmatch.

With this in mind we have launched the Multi-Domain Battle Management Summit this August 21 – 23 in Washington D.C. bringing together Battle Managers, Heads of Planning and Operations, Commanders & industry partners. This event will focus on how the DoD will advance it’s multi domain operations through the integration of C2 battle management capabilities across all 5 domains.

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