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Key Products : Mini Marque AS204, Marque19, Data transmission

Air Target is a well known scoring specialist since 1956. The acoustical scoring products have been delivered to customers in more than 30 countries all over the world. Acoustical scoring is a method to measure the miss distance between a supersonic projectile or missile and a target. The scoring system can also be used to check/verify the weapon fire control system.

The range of products include: the Mini Marque and Marque scoring stations, Miss Distance Indicators (MDIs), various support and test units, sleeve targets, and winches.

Train More Efficiently And Save Money


New scoring stations and MDIs make firing training more flexible and more realistic which is important in modern firing training. By using acoustical scoring equipment one can save money by reducing ammunition consumption and training time whilst allowing gunners and the weapon system operators get more efficient training.

Calculating Projectile Miss Distance

The shock wave generated by a passing supersonic projectile or missile is detected by an array of pressure sensors installed on or close to the target. The amplitude and the time differences between the different sensors are used to calculate the shortest distance between the target and the projectile (the miss distance), and in what angular position (sector) the projectile passed. The scoring data are presented in real time on a color graphic computer display. Data transmission between sensors and display is via a radio link.

Gunnery Training With Acoustical Scoring

Scoring gives the gunner and the weapon system operator real time information in the virtual “scoring board”. This information gives a picture of each round “hitting” the “scoring board”. The angular position of the score as well as a score too far off can immediately guide the gunner to improve his direction of fire. The improved results can be verified as they appear on the “scoring board”.

Firing Situations

Acoustical scoring is useful for calibers from 5.56 to 5” and above and missiles (rounds need to be supersonic in the target area). Acoustical scoring can be used for all firing situations, i.e. Air to Air, Air to Ground, Ground to Air, Ground to Ground, and the corresponding naval applications.

Scoring Stations

The Mini Marque and Marque scoring stations are used for the collection, calculation, and presentation of real time firing results from up to six targets simultaneously. The software is based on Windows including a SQL data base. Features include: Up to 40 m scoring range; Up to 6000 rounds/minute scoring rate.

Armored VPAM

Pulp and paper mills are starting to realise the advantages of our Cerabar pressure transmitter with ceramic diaphragm for pressure measurement in demanding applications. Earlier it has been very difficult, or even impossible, to handle the combination of high temperatures and aggressive media.

Miss Distance Indicators (MDIs)

The universal 12-sector MDI gives the possibility to fire at a target coming from any direction. The target towing operator/UAV operator can offer any target courses during the same mission. Other models for all type of targets and UAVs are available as well, i.e. vector, 4-sector and zone MDI models.


LOMAH is our latest developed system which has been delivered in large numbers to many customers. LOMAH is a calibration free acoustic system for small arms training, pop-up targets. The system can also be used for tank targets etc.

Other Related Products

The Uplink Command unit (UCU) is used to remotely change the MDI frequency and sensitivity. Other related products includes test equipment to test the complete scoring system, sleeve targets, which are soft targets for various applications (radar and laser), and inboard target towing winches.

Customization Of Acoustical Scoring Systems

Customization of our products to the customer´s requirements is one of our specialties.

Mini Marque AS204

Mini Marque AS204, Handy portable Scoring Station for calculation and presentation of real time firing results from up to six targets simultaneously. Ground based or for installation in the towing aircraft. Windows based software including a data base.

Marque 19

Marque 19, ground based scoring station for calculation and presentation of real time firing results from up to six targets simultaneously. Windows based software including a data base.

MDI AS-131/12U

Universal 12-sector sleeve target MDI model AS 131/12U.

Other models are available as well.

MDI AS-133/12U

Universal 12-sector MDI model AS 133/12U for stiff/hard targets. Other models are available as well.


LOMAH, location of miss and hits. This is a calibration free system for small arms training, pop-up targets. The system can be used for tank targets etc. as well.


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