Company : Fra Angelico Ltd.

Category : Navy

Subcategory : Supplies and Replenishment Systems

Key Products : Sleeping Bags, Mosquito Nets

Fra Angelico is a specialist supplier of Tentage and associated items for military use. The high quality equipment and accessories manufactured by Fra Angelico matches the perfect functionality of the Italian eye for design. The company caters Defence Ministries, as well as Commercial Institutions. The products for Military include ration packs, Mosquito Nets, rain wears, Sleeping bags, tents and Rucksacks.

Sleeping Bags

Fra Angelico manufactured sleeping bags have a filling of thermolite extreme which helps to retain the warmth. The lining of these sleeping bags is of Nylon and polyester to suit the specific requirements of the military. The sleeping bags have mesh gear pockets. Collar adjustment is provided in the sleeping bags. The military can use these sleeping bags for high altitudes. The advantage of these Fra Angelico manufactured sleeping bags is the light weight and easy to carry. Sleeping bags are provided with the one touch fast zipper for efficient usage. The sleeping bags are specially designed keeping the climatic conditions in mind. The company provides bulk orders and ensures timely delivery.

Mosquito Nets

Fra Angelico manufactured mosquito nets are of three types:

  • Mosquito Nets Free Standing
  • Mosquito nets without floor
  • Camp cot mosquito nets

The mosquito nets are purely made of 100% polyester. There are two shock corded fiberglass poles provided in the mosquito nets. The weight of these mosquito nets ranges between 2 kilograms and 3.9 kilograms. The free standing mosquito nets are provided with lamp holder hook and internal storage pockets. Front and side doors are provided in these free standing mosquito nets. Side zipper door is provided for the without floor mosquito nets. Safety zip flap with Velcro closure is provided for the camp cot mosquito nets. These easy to carry mosquito nets are very beneficial for the military.

Military Ration Packs

Military ration packs cover the nourishing needs of a person. The 24-hour Military ration packs contain breakfast, lunch, and dinner with variations in the menu. Plastic cutlery set, heating up kit, water purifying tablets and tissues are provided in the military ration packs. The items inside each military ration packs are packed in a cardboard box. It is then wrapped in a waterproof and resistant plastic film. This wrapping protects the military ration packs from dust, water and any other elements which could tamper its contents. The military ration packs can be kept at room temperature from 18 to 24 months without any alteration in quality. They are designed to satisfy nutritional needs in situations in which a high-energy supply is required. The military ration packs are NATO approved.

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