Company : Strategic Marine (S) Pte Ltd

Category : Navy

Subcategory : Patrol, Strike and Assault Craft

Key Products : Military and Paramilitary Sector, Commercial Vessel Construction

Strategic Marine Bags LTAC for Gardline Australia Strategic

Strategic Marine, a leading specialist shipbuilder with operations in Singapore, Australia and Vietnam, will build the Long Term Ashmore Capability (LTAC) for Gardline Australia Pty Ltd on behalf of the Government of Australia. The LTAC will be a 40-metre On Station Vessel designed for reliable, flexible self-sufficiency on long-term deployment in tropical areas The order was awarded after a successful tender prepared under a teaming arrangement between Gardline Australia Pty Ltd, the owner and operator of the current Ashmore Guardian, Strategic Marine, the builder of the new vessel, and McAlpine Marine design Pty Ltd, the designer

Strategic Marine Delivers Two Windfarm Service Vessels to Njord Offshore

Specialist boat builder Strategic Marine has delivered the Njord Puffin to offshore windfarm service fleet operator Njord Offshore for deployment in Northern Europe. “The Puffin is the sixth in a series of eight vessels ordered, a strong signal of our commitment to the global windfarm industry,” said Rodney Davies, Operations Manager at Strategic Marine. “Last week we delivered the fifth, the Njord Petrel. Vessels seven and eight are due for delivery in early 2014.”


Prinicipal Particulars

Specialist boatbuilder Strategic Marine launched

On 24 July 2013, Singapore: Specialist boatbuilder Strategic Marine launched the Jati Six crew transfer vessel for Malaysian client Dinasti Jati Sdn Bhd. The vessel is part of a multi-ship order. The superstructure was built at Strategic's other shipyard in Vietnam then shipped to their Singapore yard for technical fittings and delivery. The Jati Six is 40 metres in length, classed by ABS, and can carry up to 58 passengers. It operates with a crew of 10. Its engines, from Kummins KTA, allow speeds up to 25 knots.