Company : Vitavox (Navy)

Category : Navy

Subcategory : Navigation and Communication Equipment

Key Products : Vitavox supplies the UK Ministry of Defence with loudspeakers, handsets and microphones

Type B90 Microphones

The Type B90 Noryl hand-held Microphones, with press-to-speak switch, are fully watertight (except for noise cancelling version) and proofed against shock and vibration. They are specifically designed to accommodate different types of microphone inset currently used by the Royal Navy.

Type B80 ATEX EN 13980 94/9/EC Microphone

Type B80 Microphone, NSN 5965-99-425-3286 VT07491, conforms to the shock, vibration and waterproofing requirements of DEF-133, Class N1, and SES-5. It is also approved as intrinsically safe ATEX EN13980 94/9/EC for use in flammable atmospheres (Groups 2a, 2c, 2d and 2e) when mounted in a permanent position and installed in accordance with Drawing No. 1563, SIRA Cert. M0953. There is also a non ATEX approved version VT07240.

Watertight, Pressure-Tight Loudspeakers (Submarine)

The Vitavox range of naval loudspeakers meets four types of requirement – main broadcast, intercom, S.R.E. (sound reproducing equipment) and loud-hailing, which in turn will cover all (even the most demanding) ship situations – weather deck, general sections (operational compartments, stores and offices, domestic compartments), machinery sections and magazines.

2.5, 10, 15, 20, 30 Watt Watertight Main Broadcast and Intercom Loudspeakers

These loudspeakers are current stock items for the Royal Navies of UK, Australia and New Zealand. Complying with British Standards and UK MoD (Navy) specifications they are generally used above deck and also below deck in high noise areas such as near propulsion machinery and helicopter loading bays.

VITAVIC 400 SD Tactical Intercom

VITAVIC 400 is a true Software Defined (SD) fully digital intercom. The SD system is a DSP & FPGA design with the end user in mind, allowing control and manipulation of functionality at user level in the field as and when needed.

Type B60 Watertight Microphones (inc. ATEX version)

The Type B60 Microphone is completely watertight, is intended for use in exposed conditions and designed for convenient use in the gloved hand. The construction is of a particularly robust nature throughout, able to withstand heavy handling and complete immersion in water.


The LockCom System consists of a pressure proof (69bar) loudspeaker/microphone on the ‘wet side’ and a waterproof broadcast loudspeaker, microphone complete with a communications control unit on the ‘dry side’.

Battery-Powered Emergency Handset

The Vitavox Emergency Handset is based on previously employed handsets but with significant enhancements reflecting user requirements.

3 inch 4W Rugged, Waterproof, Blast proof, Shockproof, Loudspeaker Units

These loudspeakers are currently used by NATO Navies, the UK, Australian and New Zealand Royal Navies as well as by coastguards, lifeboats and police worldwide. Rugged loudspeakers are designed to deliver clear speech in hostile and noisy environments. There are three basic types of Vitavox 3 inch rugged waterproof loudspeakers and each is available in either 8 or 15 Ohms.

British Defence Manufacturer of Military and Naval Loudspeakers, Microphones, Headsets and Handsets, Tactical Communications and Intercom Systems

For over 80 years Vitavox (a division of Secomak Ltd) has been the leading UK defence manufacturer of naval loudspeakers, handsets and microphones.