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Key Products : Vitavox supplies the UK Ministry of Defence with loudspeakers, handsets and microphones

Established in the 1930s and now based in Elstree, England, Vitavox supplies the UK Ministry of Defence with loudspeakers, handsets and microphones. In recent years, Vitavox have expanded its product range into the land arena and also now also manufacture both land and naval military specification communication systems. Vitavox (a division of Secomak Ltd) is one of Britain's few remaining defence manufacturers. The Company produces the highest specification audio equipment suitable for the damaging and hazardous operational environments to be encountered both by the equipment and service personnel deployed in today's modern battlefield on land as well as in naval scenarios.

Software Defined Tactical Intercom

VITAVIC 400: Software Defined Tactical Intercom

VITAVIC 400 is software defined technical solution for tactical communications both inside and outside all military, paramilitary and light strike armoured vehicles and platforms. It is also the optimum solution for main battle tanks and other platforms' end users who have, or wish to have the choice to use a number of different tactical headsets and combat net radios (CNRs) as required for any particular operation.

VITAVIC 400 provides the crew of any vehicle or platform with safe and unfailing communications in urban warfare. All crew members can easily access combat net radios where appropriate.

VITAVIC's 400 modular design concept ensures a fully operational intercom, optimally adjusted for light or heavy, wheeled or tacked armoured vehicles at very low cost and may be configured to accommodate smaller platforms requiring from 2 Users and 2 CNR to larger Infantry Fighting Vehicles where up to 21 (13 with full radio access) Users and 6 CNR may be required.

VITAVIC 400 is a true, fully software defined; combat proven digital intercom incorporating effective digital audio signal processing and will allow any type of radio or headset to be used as and when required.

Outacom Communications System

Outacom Communication System

The Outacom patented Communication System is an extremely rugged, powerful, military proven, loudspeaker and multiple speech input system. It integrates with all standard internal communication systems and offers an easily-implemented tactical battlefield communications innovation. The purpose of this system is to reduce the risk of unintended civilian or military casualties and the risk of needless collateral damage. The Outacom Communication System allows vehicle commanders and other authorised personnel the tactical ability to talk to people up to 250 metres from the vehicle or fixed military installation. Speech inputs include a patented secure interconnectivity with internal communications systems, separate rugged microphones, flash memory, MP3, and secure radio. The Outacom Communication System can be configured to meet all security protocols yet remains easy and intuitive to use. It is MIL-STD-810, IP67 waterproof, shockproof and blast proof to 70G.

The situations where the Outacom Communication System is the sensible tactical option would include confronting suspects approaching on foot, those who may be using a vehicle or those operating within a crowded place.

Less-than-lethal effect technology: Vitavox Outacom Communication System.

The Outacom Communication System is a tactical, less-than-lethal audio solution. It can be uniquely deployed as either a plug-and-play addition to the existing vehicle communications system or in a standalone configuration allowing the operational crew the opportunity to reason audibly with the suspected miscreants in their own language before committing to a potentially more damaging course of events. The Outacom Communication System has a failsafe function to enable isolation from the internal communications system and prevent unintended output.

The Vitavox less than lethal option will allow the armed forces to deal with challenging situations, minimizing (ideally avoiding) any impact on bystanders or other collateral effects, and reduce the risk of inadvertently using lethal force. The Vitavox Outacom Communication System is suitable for use by Armed Forces on current operations in a variety of situations from foot patrols through to deployment at fixed military installations. The ability to be able to deter people from approaching when instructed not to and to disrupt enemy ability to monitor friendly force activity are among the functions that Outacom Communication System will provide. A portable version is also available.

Pressure Proof Intercom System

Vitavox LockCom: Submarine Dive Chamber Intercom System

LockCom is pressure proof intercom system enabling embarking and disembarking divers to contact the on board control room, The LockCom System consists of a pressure proof (69bar) loudspeaker/microphone on the 'wet side' and a waterproof broadcast loudspeaker and microphone, complete with a communications control unit, on the 'dry side'. The Vitavox LockCom will last the full life of the boat with minimal maintenance requirements.

Submarine Loudspeakers

Vitavox Submarine Loudspeakers are constructed from Nickel Aluminium Bronze NES 747 Pf2 and are deployed on many of the World's strategic and tactical submarines. They are individually tested to 69Bar (703m) and are designed for use in external positions on submarines. Vitavox Submarine Loudspeakers are a cone type two chamber construction where the inner is pressure tight and the outer is open to the sea. Submarine Loudspeakers have a power output of 4W.

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