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Category : Navy

Subcategory : Navigation and Communication Equipment

Key Products : Innovative military hardware and software with specialized Military GPS solutions

SkyDec is a Dutch company that develops and supplies innovative military hardware and software with specialized Military GPS solutions with its own R&D and Manufacturing departments. It has been serving Military Forces around the globe for decades by providing high-end GPS solutions and onsite support. We are fully accredited by the United States authorities to develop and integrate with military GPS (Crypto and Keys). Our staff is screened, and the company is monitored by the Dutch Military Intelligence Service.

Our core business is Military GPS Host Systems, but as part of our scope we also provide an entire set up of fully interfaced and integrated COTS products for a combined Navigation and Communication suite for small craft in use by e.g. Special Forces. The products we make are designed and built in accordance with Military Standards and are integrated successfully on a variety of (Naval) platforms. SkyDec has already supplied many Military Forces, including the United Kingdom, Denmark, Spain and Turkey.

Military Host System NGNS04

The NGNS04 MKIII is SkyDec’s top-of-the-range naval GPS host and navigation system, especially designed as highly reliable data distribution unit for High Value Units. SkyDec engineers went to great lengths to make it the most flexible, versatile and reliable GPS system possible for use on high-end naval vessels like destroyers, aircraft carriers, frigates and transport ships, with optionally missile and/or ammunition interfaces to GPS guided projectiles. This high-end host system is supplied with the renowned interfacing and customizing capabilities that make SkyDec a genuinely valuable partner in highly complex environments.

Military GPS Systems NGNS06 MKII

The NGNS06 MKII by SkyDec proves without doubt that high-end military GPS systems can be compact and modular, easy to adapt and professionally versatile at the same time. This military off-the-shelf data distribution unit is the perfect and cost effective solution for any naval vessel in need of highly accurate positioning and time data, but without the need for a missile interface. The NGNS06 MKII not only provides all systems on vessels like frigates, patrol vessels, but also offers high value units and aircraft carriers, with accurate and reliable GPS data. This unique GPS host and navigation system is designed to offer top performance in challenging circumstances.

Loradd Host System

The SkyDec LORADD Host System is an integrated eLoran receiver made for naval applications, providing independent eLoran position solutions as well as an integrated solution. This system is built against the same design parameters as the rest of the SkyDec Military GPS host system range. eLoran provides reliable position information independent of GPS availability. It is selected as backup system or even as main source more and more, as the awareness of GNSS vulnerabilities grows.

GPS Host System NGNS07

The NGNS07 military GPS system is probably as rugged as military navigation data distribution units get. This system provides reliable and accurate GPS and time data on army vehicles, helicopters and small naval vessels. Originally designed for submarines, the system is built to perform under rough and challenging physical circumstances, taking up as little space as possible, whilst supplying a limited amount of systems on board with reliable GPS data. Especially on the forefront of the battlefield there is no need for a surplus of ballast and capabilities. It is effectiveness that counts and which outweighs versatility, and being effective under any conditions is exactly where the NGNS07 by SkyDec exceeds in.

Military GPS Host System NGNS09

The more a vessel is designed and built after the specific task it has to perform, the more specific the demands concerning the vital systems that have to be incorporated will be. Sky-Dec’s NGNS09 compact military GPS host system is the perfect solution for small patrol crafts with notoriously limited space available, but with highly accurate and reliable GPS position and time data like any other naval High Value Unit. With its integrated touch screen navigation and diagnostic display and versatile mounting options, the NGNS09 is distinctly fit for seamless incorporation on any navigation bridge. The system can be operated and maintained on the bridge, whilst being able to distribute GPS data to all concerning systems on board on several standard or customized outputs.

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