Company : LeisureCat

Category : Navy

Subcategory : Navigation and Communication Equipment

Key Products : High Speed Catamarans, Sea Rescue Craft

LeisureCat Australia has been building High Speed Catamarans for 10 years. We were the first Western Australian Based company to design and build Fibre glass Powered Catamarans in Western Australia. Our company has become a household name here and expanding across Australia every year.

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Catamaran Boat Design

In catamaran boat design we create custom boats as unique as you are. Everything you could imagine is made possible by the team members of our catamaran boat design team. From the mild to the outrageously wild, catamaran boat design staff will work their hardest to turn your fantasies into realities. Our catamaran boat design designs according to the taste and budget of the customer. High performance throttles can be implemented in any catamaran by our catamaran boat design staff. Our catamaran boat design facility also delivers an impressive range of high-end custom machines.

High Speed Catamarans

Leisure Cat is the world's largest builder of High Speed Catamarans and offers a comprehensive range of fully customized designs. The main motto of our High Speed Catamaans is “Let everybody envy your boat”. The High Speed Catamarans concept has been growing rapidly for the last ten years. Futuristic design, great power and, of course, high speed are some of the out standing features of our High Speed Catamarans. Our High Speed Catamarans will give you incomparable pleasure of water trip. We strive for excellence in every High Speed Catamarans that comes out from our company. High Speed Catamarans are essentially custom built to the owner's specifications and done in a manner that keeps the cost to the owners as reasonable as possible. Most High Speed Catamarans also carry cars and even buses and freight. High Speed Catamarans are quick, agile, smooth, and delightfully responsive.

Sea Rescue Craft

Sea Rescue Craft is an apparatus, method and system for rescuing persons and distressed vessels. The design of the Sea Rescue Craft proved to be far superior and inflatable designs have been adopted ever since. The practical requirements for emergency Sea Rescue Craft necessitate precautions, on the one hand to secure the rescue craft safely on the deck of a ship when not in use. A water pressure release (hydrostatic release unit) is used and the attachment strap of the Sea Rescue Craft is fixed to it. Release of the Sea Rescue Craft is by means of the hydrostatic release device. Sea Rescue Craft comprise a pair of propulsion units, symmetrically disposed; one each on each side and sat least one pair of pontoons. Sea Rescue Craft is comprised of pivotable and/or hinged affixing means. Sea Rescue Craft manufactured by us is of high quality. International standards are followed in the manufacture of Sea Rescue Craft.

Coastal Patrol Boats

Coastal Patrol Boats are small naval vessels generally designed for coastal defense duties.  Coastal Patrol Boats   may be broadly classified as Inshore Patrol Vessels (IPVs) and Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPVs). Coastal Patrol Boats are typically around 30m (100 ft) in length and usually carry a single medium caliber artillery gun as main armament. Lighter secondary armament such as machine guns are also equipped in Coastal Patrol Boats. Small size and relatively low cost make Coastal Patrol Boats one of the most common type of warship in the world. Depending on role, our Coastal Patrol Boats may also have more sophisticated sensors and fire control systems. Most modern Coastal Patrol Boats are powered by gas turbine arrangements such as CODAG. Our Coastal Patrol Boats are present all around Australia and USAs. Leisure Cat has today an enviable reputation in the manufacture of quality Coastal Patrol Boats.

Power Catamarans

Our Power Catamarans offer a very competitive package in delivering a pleasure craft that celebrates the best in form, function and finish. When it comes to speed, comfort, space, and stability, nothing compares to our Power Catamarans. When it comes to exceptional design, production and engineering, nothing compares to a Power Catamarans manufactured by us. Luxurious interior and, of course, high speed are the features of our Power Catamarans. High performance is an added feature of our Power Catamarans. Our Power Catamarans are used for leisure, commercial and military purposes. Power Catamarans can also be equipped with a lay down seating, storage. Power Catamarans are protected from the wind by a full wrap-around windshield.

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