Company : IXSEA SAS

Category : Navy

Subcategory : Navigation and Communication Equipment

Key Products : Subsea Navigation & Tracking, Acoustic Locators

IXSEA SAS is a leading solution provider to scientific, offshore, defence & space customers with a range of innovative systems & solutions to meet their individual navigation, positioning, imagery, moorings and survey requirements. Its products range includes sub sea navigation & tracking, acoustic locators, seabed mapping-REA, land navigation & orientation.

IXSEA SAS is ISO 9001: 2000 certified firm and it is specialized in provides high quality products. They strive to exceed customers expectations from conception to installation and beyond with its innovative technology, international sales network and round-the-clock customer support.

Navigation & Tracking

IXSEA SAS leads in the provision of subsea navigation & tracking. Subsea Navigation & Tracking includes the products that enables in navigating and tracking the seas. Subsea navigation & tracking covers the products like OCTANS, PHINS, MARINS, OCTANS SUBSEA, PHINS 6000, and GAPS.

Acoustic Locators

Acoustic Locators are used for shallow or deep water applications Designed for the recovery of subsea objects. Acoustic locators are generally applied for search & rescue, equipment recovery, diver Tracking, homing beacon etc. IXSEA SAS is a leading manufacturer of Acoustic locators. It provides simple, safe and reliable acoustic Locators. Compatible, standard of-the-shelf batteries, small & lightweight, easy installation are features of IXSEA SAS’s acoustic Locators. Its acoustic locators are designed as per industry Requirements and clients’ specifications. Pingers RP402 and RP162 Are two types of acoustic locators offered by IXSEA SAS.

Seabed Mapping-REA

IXSEA SAS is an efficient manufacturer of Seabed Mapping-REA. IXSEA SAS’s seabed mapping-REA includes MAGIS, ECHOES 1500, ECHOES 3500, ECHOES 10000, DELPH MAG LOCATOR, DELPH SEISMIC and DELPH SONAR. IXSEA SAS’s seabed mapping-REA is Prepared as per national and international standards.

Navigation & Orientation

Land Navigation & Orientation refers to the process of reading and Controlling the movements of vehicles/crafts from one place to another place. IXSEA SAS excels in the production of land navigation & Orientation. They manufacture valorous ranges of land navigation & orientation products. ADVANS-LYRA, ADVANS-URSA and ADVANS-VEGA is types of IXSEA SAS’s land navigation & orientation products. These land navigation & orientation products are made as per international standards. Its land navigation & orientation products are designed keeping in view the industry requirements and clients specifications.

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