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EvoLogics is a Germany-based high-tech enterprise. It was founded in 2000 by a group of leading international scientists and R&D experts to develop innovative key technologies for the aerospace, maritime and offshore industries through interdisciplinary cooperation between engineering and life sciences.

The driving force behind EvoLogics is the attitude that nature has evolved over millions of years to generate the most efficient design and uncovering these design elements can advance human mankind in their development of technologies that are both superior and also environmentally safe.

By combining applied research with commercialization, EvoLogics can offer the market, the most advanced technologies as they are developed at the research labs. EvoLogics engineers are also involved closely with the commercial market so as to be aware of the needs of the market while developing applications from their research.

S2C technology, the most advanced and most reliable solution to the tasks of hydro-acoustic telemetry, is based on dolphin communication physics and is the basis for our R-series of modems. Our approach to improving engineering by learning from nature also includes a series of new bionic robots with an extraordinary hydrodynamic performance like the award-winning "Manta ray" and the design of underwater manipulators with shape-adaptive gripers driven by fluidic muscles.

Underwater Acoustic Modems

EvoLogics developed underwater acoustic modems or R-series modems are based on the latest principles of underwater communication. These underwater acoustic modems are based on the latest Sweep Spread Carrier (S2C) technology used in underwater data networks. The EvoLogics underwater acoustic modems are available in different models to suit the individual needs of customers in the naval industry. Key features of these underwater acoustic modems are that they are compact and light-weight; they have a working range of up to 8 km., extremely minuscule error rate and built-in relative speed and distance measurement. The underwater acoustic modems also consume less energy. The EvoLogics underwater acoustic modems have a built-in data logger and extensible option. Manufactured in various different types of materials, these underwater acoustic modems are ideal for defense usage. The Evologics underwater acoustic modems are available with system integration support. Available with Ethernet interfaces, the underwater acoustic modems are specially designed to meet client requirements.

Underwater Modems

Underwater modems also are based on the S2C technology. These underwater modems are used to meet all challenges in underwater communication. The experts at EvoLogics help clients customize the underwater modems to meet their individual needs. These underwater modems come with an integrated rechargeable battery pack. Even when other modems fail, the S2C technology allows the underwater modems to work even when prone to disruptions in signals and other challenges. In defense applications it is mandatory that an urgent command or emergency signal be delivered with immediate effect. Normal modems may not be able to immediately transmit these signals due to various transmission problems that can occur underwater. The EvoLogics underwater modems can work around these problems and transmit signals on time. The underwater modems have integrated systems which facilitates fast and flexible adaptation in the underwater environment. The EvoLogics underwater modems are reliable in long-distance underwater communication. With low energy consumption, EvoLogics underwater modems are an ideal choice for the defense services.

Underwater Data Networks

EvoLogics has utilized the latest innovations in developing underwater data networks. Many challenges are met with, underwater which hinders effective underwater communication. EvoLogics scientists and R&D experts have an accurate understanding of these underwater problems and have developed products which make their underwater data networks state-of-the-art. The underwater data networks are specially designed for high productivity and clarity in underwater communication. These underwater data networks consume less energy. They have complete features to access real-time data, measurements and monitor other underwater activity. The underwater data networks have guaranteed data delivery even under adverse conditions. Known for high-speed and high-performance, these underwater data networks are a reliable choice for underwater communication even for large underwater depths.

Ultra Short Baseline

The Ultra Short Baseline (USBL) is a method of acoustic positioning in underwater communication. The USBL system basically consists of a transceiver, a transponder and a computer. The EvoLogics USBL system is specially designed for accurate calculation of range and angle from transceiver. Available in a variety of configurations, the USBL system is used for various underwater activities such as deep-sea exploration, ecological research and defense operations. This USBL system is available in a variety of interfaces and is easy to install. The USBL is also easy to maintain highly cost-efficient. All USBL systems are tested by in-house experts to make sure they meet international standards of quality and safety. The EvoLogicals USBL has demonstrated superior quality in underwater communication and this makes it an excellent choice in defense industries. The innovative design of this USBL system is unlike any other available in the industry.

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