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More than 45 years of experience in the research, design and manufacture of transformers and reactors has made Trasfor SA an international industry leader and a primary company in the industrial fabric of the Canton Ticino in Switzerland.

At its headquarters in Molinazzo di Monteggio Trasfor occupies an area covering more than 20'000 square meters, the result of several phases of expansion and modernization incorporated in various strategies to develop the company and diversify its product lines.

The use of insulation and protection systems such as cast resin and vacuum pressure impregnation, as well as the various technologies used in the cooling of components, have enabled  Trasfor to master all application fields: energy distribution, civil and military marine, offshore, fixed and mobile rail traction as well as in the mining and renewable energy sectors.

This is a characteristic that makes our company unique in the world, as it enables all our customers to take advantage of product and process know-how in addition to the engineering skills of highly qualified employees, fruit of experience gained in the various fields of application and in compliance with the strictest regulations.

The constant research carried out over the years has been the driving force behind the innovation aimed at continually improving the design and manufacturing tools/methods which have made  Trasfor a competitive player.

The solidity of the company and its efficient organization allow Trasfor to implement an expansion strategy based on strategic partnerships, in particular in emerging countries, which without doubt provide a rich vein of opportunities.

Cast Resin Transformers

Cast resin transformers manufactured by the company have gained worldwide popularity. The configuration of cast resin transformers is available in single and three phases. Power ratings for cast resin transformers are up to 25 MVA. Cast resin transformers require voltage of up to 36 kV. Enclosure protection is from IP00 (core and coils only) up to IP66 and the cast resin transformers is protected against dust and water. Cast resin transformers from Trasfor provide cooling from AN (natural convection) up to AFWF which is a combination of forced air and forced water. Trasfor cast resin transformers conform to all international standards. The typical application of these cast resin transformers are in distribution, drives, excitation and converter. They are ideally suited for harsh environments.

Dry Type Transformers

Trasfor has developed hugely popular custom built dry type transformers. The design and features of dry type transformers are unique and reliable. Trasfor built dry type transformers are available in the configuration of single and three phases. Power ratings of dry type transformers are up to 15 MVA. Voltage requirement of dry type transformers is up to 24 kV. The enclosure protection of dry type transformers are from IP00 (core & coils only) to up to IP56 and they are protected against dust and water. Dry type transformers provide cooling from AN (natural convection) up to AFWF (combination of forced air and forced water). All international standards are followed in manufacturing dry type transformers. Distribution, drives, excitation, converter and UPS are some of the application area for dry type transformers.

Chokes and Transformers

Direct Water Cooled Chokes and Transformers

Trasfor realizes the need of its customers and is constantly innovating products. Direct water cooled chokes and transformers from Trasfor have been equally popular with the industry leaders. The typical application area for direct water cooled chokes and transformers are distribution, drives, excitation, converter and UPS. Other specifications of direct water cooled chokes and transformers are:

  • Configuration - Single and three phase
  • Power ratings- Up to 16 MVA
  • Voltages - Up to 1.1 kV
  • Enclosure protection- from IP00 ( core & coils only ) up to IP56 ( protected against dust and water )
  • Cooling- direct water up to combination with AFWF (combination of forced air and forced water)
  • Standards - all international standards

Reactors / Chokes Manufacturers

The company also manufactures superior quality reactors / chokes for use in various industries. The configurations for Trasfor reators / chokes are also in single and three phase. These reactors / chokes are air cored, iron cored and shell type. The typical application for reactors / chokes is in short circuit protection, filters and smoothing. Cooling by Trasfor reactors / chokes are from AN (natural convection) up to AFWF (combination of forced air and forced water). Other specifications for reactors / chokes are:

  • Ratings- Currents up to 50 kA,  Voltages up to 36 kV
  • Cooling- From AN ( natural convection ) up to AFWF ( combination of forced air and forced water.

Oil Cooled Transformers

Oil cooled transformers designed by Trasfor have high level of protection against corrosion, humidity and dust. These oil cooled transformers are widely used in the chemical industry. The oil cooled transformers are available in the configurations of single and three phases. Power ratings of oil cooled transformers are up to 60 MVA. Oil cooled transformers require high voltage current of up to 145kV. Enclosure protection is from IP 54 (core & coils only) up to IP 66 in oil cooled transformers. The cooling in oil cooled transformers is through ONAN, ONAF, OFAF, OFWF and ODWF. Oil cooled transformers find application in drives, excitation and converter, rectifier and electrolysis

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