Company : Hagenuk Marinekommunikation GmbH

Category : Navy

Subcategory : Communications Systems and Equipment (Navy)

Key Products : Series 3000 HF Radio Family, SEICAM 3000

Hagenuk Marinekommunikation (HMK) is a subsidiary of Atlas Elektronik GmbH, Germany. HMK is a well-known supplier of internal/ external communication systems for naval and ground-to-air applications, with radios operating in the frequency range from VLF to SHF.

As a systems integrator and HF radio equipment manufacturer, HMK focus on the fields of Integrated Communication Systems (ICS) for naval vessels and HF ground-to-air applications.

The broad product range includes:

  • HF transceivers 150W / 500W / 1kW
  • HF transmitters 500W / 1kW / 4kW /  5kW / 10kW
  • VLF/HF receivers (10kHz - 30MHz)
  • HF broadband systems
  • HF adaptive radio systems
  • HF e-mail systems
  • Digital video, audio and data distribution systems
  • Message handling and control systems

HMK provides a full service package including feasibility studies, system engineering, hardware and software design, production, system integration and setting to work as well as integrated logistics combined with comprehensive after sales services over the whole product life cycle.

The delivery of turnkey integrated communication systems has been a domain of Hagenuk since more than 30 years. More than 25 navies throughout the world rely on the high level of technical expertise of HMK. Over 540 systems have been delivered for all classes of ships, including 117 submarine systems.

A selection from the wide product range:

HF Radio Series

HF Radio Series 3000 is a family of software-based, multi-purpose, high-performance and modular equipment that comprises the transceivers TRX 3015 / 3050 / 3100 (150 W / 500 W /1 kW), the transmitters TX 3400 (4 kW), TX 3500 (5 kW), TX 310K/FH (10 kW / Frequency Hopping) and the VLF/HF receiver RX 3002.

The radios can be operated via the large front panel display which assists during menu-driven operation, and alternatively via the remote control terminal UT 3002. Parameter settings are achieved via soft keys and/or flywheel and appropriate keypad elements on the front panel.

The family features identical basic modules for VLF/HF receivers as well as for the transmitters. The modular design structure, available range of built-in and external system options, and extensive software support guarantee flexible adaptation to current and future radio communication requirements, including network applications.

Digital Audio & Data Distribution System

SEICAM 3000 - Digital Audio- and Data Distribution System

SEICAM 3000 is a modern, powerful, modular digital audio and data switching system for internal/external communication on naval vessels.

SEICAM 3000 provides the establishment of a centralized or decentralized non-blocking switching architecture for the digital transmission of voice and data. All onboard communication resources such as voice and data terminals, radios, modems, encryption devices, etc. can be connected in order to allocate and distribute selected channels.

The system offers high flexibility in terms of architecture, programmable communication scenarios and functionality of the User Stations with minimum wiring. Only two wires for signals (4 wires for dual-homing) and two wires for power supply are required to connect the UST 5200 U station.

The digital node DDN 3001 as a central switching matrix enables the allocation of max. 1000 audio / data channels of programmable switching points, plus any associated control signals.

The User Station UST 5200 U with a 7" touch screen display and freely programmable touch fields offer maximum flexibility.

Multifunction Computer System

SEICAM 2000 is an intelligent, multitasking and multifunction computer system configured around the hardened SER 5000 U workstation/server with the appropriate network distribution and terminal server subsystem.

System features:

  • Message handling and formatting acc. to standards ACP 127, JANAP 128, ADatP-3 and so on
  • IT security level E2
  • Network management for central control of the entire external/internal communication system
  • Communication planning (COMPLAN)
  • Optional X.400 server and certified X.400 filter
  • High growth potential

A single workstation is expandable to a networking multi-console client/server configuration that, according to the contractor, provides sophisticated automated communications support for naval applications.

For a new submarine project, HMK has been awarded the UK CESG certification (SYS3 assurance level) for the external communication system with SEICAM 2000.

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