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Key Products : Mojave, Mohican, Super Mohawk

Sub-Atlantic is the world leading manufacturer of Electric Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) and the subCAN high speed data communications network.

Sub-Atlantic is the leading propulsion supplier to work class ROV builders, providing hydraulic thrusters, hydraulic power units (HPU), valve packs, compensators and pan & tilt units.

Sub-Atlantic products operate in the world’s harshest environments and are therefore designed and built with the highest levels of technology, expertise and innovation. These systems are used by military customers and Defence Organisations across the globe and have proven themselves to be up to the task no matter what the application.

Mojave Manufacturers

Mojave is the most powerful observation ROV for its size and has a 300m depth rating making it the ideal vehicle for numerous subsea missions.

The highly advanced machine has been built to an extremely high specification but remains extremely compact and easy to transport and features subCAN the world beating control and diagnostics software programme.

Mojave can be supplied with a complete range of specialist tooling and sensor skids for use on offshore and inshore projects making it extremely adaptable for a variety of port security, under-hull inspection, military and civil engineering missions.

Mohican ROV

Our Mohican ROV incorporates an enhanced propulsion system allowing it to continue working in high current conditions when other systems have to return to surface It features a small diameter tether and high output brushless DC thrusters operating on Sub-Atlantic’s ‘Dynamic Vectoring system. The Mohican comes with three or six simultaneous video channels transmitted through a fibre-optic telemetry system for sharp, high quality video inspections. The ROV is also equipped with additional power sources for attachment of manipulator and tools such as our high pressure jetting and cleaning skid. The 3000v transmission system makes it particularly suited for long tunnel inspections and deep live-boating operations.

Super Mohawk

Super Mohawk can carry out many of the tasks currently carried out by work class vehicles. An abundance of space, the rigid open-frame design and the generous payload capability provide a versatile solution for the fitting of manipulators, additional equipment and sensors. Two angled vertical thrusters allow an unhindered lower deck area for placement of equipment and attachment of tooling skids. Super-Mohawk provides high quality video for inspection work but also has the capabilities for running underslung tool packages such as multibeam survey tools, high pressure water jetting pumps and small hydraulic or electric manipulators. It is rated at 2000 metres with deeper options available.

Comanche rov

Comanche Work-Class electric ROV benefits from enhanced capabilities provided by a powerful control system, proportional work-class manipulator arms, tooling hydraulic system, survey interfaces and generous payload capacity. Comanche incorporates a fully electric, seven thrusters propulsion system, configured to provide high thrust and lifting capability. It is particularly suited for long tether excursions and deep live-boating operations. It is also particularly suited to search /salvage operations and submarine rescue tasks. When compared with hydraulic work-class systems, the Comanche provides important customer benefits with regard to capital and operational expenditure, simplicity of use and requires less deck space.

High Speed Communications SubCAN

SubCAN uses the latest technology, expertise and ingenuity; subCAN offers high speed communications and data network system providing command, control and real time diagnostic functions for ROVs.

The modular design and functionality of the system not only provides the latest communications capability and ‘touch screen’ Graphical User Interface (GUI), but   also allows for ongoing customer / manufacturer driven, system evolution and further sensor integration. SubCAN’s high level of vehicle control and sophisticated level of feedback prior to, during and post deployment offers increased reliability helping our customers minimise down time, reduce costs and ultimately increase their efficiency.

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