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With over 20 years of experience within the fields of weapon alignment system and target tracking system, Schill Reglerteknik is today the market leader, supplying navies, armies, shipyards, weapon integrators etc. with products and services for unmatched performance in shooting accuracy of artillery and other weapon systems. Their product range includes the famous Aligner systems for static, dynamic and gun alignment as well as components e.g. gun boresight cameras to be inserted in the gun barrel, cameras for trackers and directors, and signal analysers. Schill Reglerteknik is regularly contracted as an independent third party expert to align various weapon systems and/or to analyse, investigate and verify their performance.

Weapon Assignment Services

Schill’s independent position from weapon manufacturers and Schill Reglerteknik AB expertise in alignment and analysis of weapon systems has rendered them assignments worldwide. Today, they can offer a range of services like:

  • Static and dynamic alignment systems of naval weapon systems in connection with new installations, modernisation programmes or regular re-alignment.
  • Analysis and evaluation of weapon system performance
  • Training courses in alignment theory and practice
  • Equipment renting / leasing contracts
  • Calibration services of sensors and other equipment
  • Annual maintenance contracts

Dynamic Alignment Systems

Aligner 224 Optical Tracking Evaluation System (dynamic alignment system)

Aligner 224 Optical Tracking Evaluation System offers a most cost-effective and operationally advantageous solution for dynamic alignment system resulting in the reduction of time and cost for sea trials to a minimum. Aligner 224 Optical Tracking Evaluation System displays video from gun cameras and the camera of the fire control director side by side in separate windows on the computer screen. Lat, long and UTC time from a GPS receiver can be displayed as well. The video sequences along with the operator's verbal comments can be stored on disk in real-time and replayed later for detailed analysis.

Some of the features of the Aligner 224 Optical Tracking Evaluation System:

  • Up to four video cameras and four auxiliary video sources can be connected
  • Up to four video sources can be displayed and recorded concurrently
  • Precision video cameras giving sharp, high-brilliance video. Rugged and splash proof.
  • Extremely accurate, self-aligned gun barrel video-camera adapters offer simple and precise installation into gun barrel in only a few seconds - no adjustments necessary
  • Video, voice and GPS data synchronised and recorded to disk
  • Extensive built-in functions for analysis of static and dynamic errors

In summary, the Aligner 224 Optical Tracking Evaluation System has a proven record of enabling you to:

  • Perform a full ship weapon tracking evaluation in two to four hours
  • Later detailed analysis by replay of recorded video,voice and data

Static Alignment System

Aligner 308 Weapon Alignment System (static alignment system)

By the application of Aligner 308 Weapon Alignment System the task of performing static alignment system of shipboard weapon system is easier than ever. The main objectives are:

  • No dry-docking required
  • Non-compromising accuracy
  • A complete tool for static alignment system
  • Intuitive handling by simple-to-use software guidance
  • Innovative alignment methods to minimize ship's non-operational time

Along with standard alignment procedures, the Aligner 308 Weapon Alignment System provides outstanding features like:

  • Complete tilt alignment in a few minutes time
  • Azimuth measurement between stations even if not within line-of-sight
  • True gun barrel axis measurement
  • Ship's gyro performance test
  • A unique set of functions for complete verification of alignment results

In summary, the Aligner 308 Weapon Alignment System has a proven record of enabling you to:

  • Perform a complete weapon system alignment in only four to six hours
  • Achieve shooting performance accurate enough for repetitive direct hits on a towed target


Gun Boresight Camera

Gun Camera Systems (Aligner 211, 221 and 231)

For fast checking of static and dynamic alignment system of guns, Schill's gun camera systems offer the market's most convenient and accurate solution. Schill's gun camera systems are based on the same accurate and reliable video cameras and adapters as the Aligner 224 system. The three models are designed for slightly different applications, e.g. stand-alone or connected to the ships video distribution system. The Aligner 221 even provides video recording on disk and built-in functions for evaluation of tracking performance.

  • For shipboard guns as well as army guns and tanks
  • High resolution and precision
  • Simple and precise installation into the gun barrel in only a few seconds
  • Cameras and adapters self-aligned to the bore - no adjustments necessary
  • Ruggedized and splash proof
  • Mechanically and optically stable over time and temperature

Wireless Camera Links

Where unrestricted movement of gun is of vital importance, the wireless camera link is the ideal choice. The Wireless Camera Link can be used with all Schill gun camera systems.

Tracker and Director Cameras

Tracker and Director Cameras

Schill's pioneering electro-optical solutions have made it possible to offer a high-quality series of versatile tracker and director cameras for trouble-free operation under tough shipboard conditions to a significantly lower cost than comparable products. These are compact and lightweight, modern tracker and director cameras are extremely well suited for modernization of old systems. Where weight and volume restrictions only allowed a daylight camera previously, it is now possible to mount both a daylight and an infrared camera.

Signal Analyser

Aligner 202 Gyro & Servo Control Signal Analyser

Testing and fault finding of dynamic synchro (or resolver) signals can be very difficult tasks using a traditional angle indicator or synchro/resolver instrument. The Aligner 202 Gyro & Servo Control Signal Analyser is specially designed for registration and analysis of multi-speed synchro/resolver signals e.g. output from ship's gyros or control signals to guns.  In addition, Aligner 202 Gyro & Servo Control Signal Analyser provides a number optional digital interfaces to ship's gyros e.g. MINS, Sigma-40, PL-41, Octans IV etc for analysis of angular data.

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