Company : OTT Technologies (Pty) Ltd.

Category : Army

Subcategory : Vehicle Ballistic Protection

Key Products : Railways Traction Locomotives, Heavy Electrical Equipments

Established in 1972, as an Ancillary unit to Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd., Bhopal (One of the Largest Electrical Equipments Mfg. Company in India), for manufacturing Insulation Components for Heavy Electrical Equipments.  The only Company approved for supplying DBR’s (Dynamic Braking Grids) to Indian Railways. Our company manufacturing and supplying to Defence very critical components for 84 mm Anti Tank Ammunition (BOFORS) and our efforts have saved huge amount of Foreign Exchange.

D.K. Insulation Industries have developed many import substitutes for prime applications in Puma M26 Mine and Blast Protected Vehicle / Research Center like Variable Energy Cyclotron Center, Institute of Plasma Research, Center for Advanced Technology.

D.K. Insulation Industries are one of the major Manufacturers of wide range of FRP/Composite Materials, Insulation Products, Non-Metallic items, Electro-Mechanical Assemblies. An ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 14001:2004 certified Company. Received Industrial Safety Award by BHEL, Bhopal for the year 1994 & 1996. Import Substitute Certificate from Defence.

Product Ranges - FRP Composite materials (Epoxy & Polyester), Electrical & Thermal insulation materials & components, Non-Matellic Items-for AT 84MM Ammunition Tanks of Defence, Electro-Mechanical Assemblies like Dynamiv Breaking Resistors-Arc for Railway Locmotives, Atomic Energy, Wind -Mill Energy Equipments (Nacelle-Top & Bottom-Covers, Nose Cones), for Aluminium Plants Smeltor Pots/Busbar Insulation & Thermal Insulation items.

Products manufactured - Coil Support, Terminal Bar, Winding Support Flanges, Cable Cleats, Battens, Slot Wedges, Separators, Washer, Rear Flange, Dynamic Braking Grid (DBR), Base Plates for Defence, Winding Shield, Bracing Ring, Air Guide, Spacers, Brackets, Flanges etc.

Products have applications in Power Equipments, Defence, Cryogenic, Petro Chemicals, Atomic Energy (Super Conducting Application) etc

Railways-Traction Locomotives

D.K. Insulation Industries  are on the Approved List of RDSO/DIW, Varanasi for Resistor Unit of Dynamic Braking Grid (DBR). Other major Products are : Arc Box/Arc Chute Assys (Fabricated as well as Moulded), Slot Wedges, pole Washers,FRP Cable Cleats, Insulation Kit for Smoothening Reactor, Kit or Phenolic Bushes etc.

Major Products - Winding Insulation, Slot Wedges for Rotor and Stator, Mouth of Slot Blocks of Flanges, Air Guide, Winding Support Rings, Segments of 5MW to 500 MW Generators & Large Motors- Barriers, Shutters.FRP Angles of Switchgears-Tap Changer, Core Packing strips. Rods, Higher Thick (i.e. up to 200 mm) End/Support Blocks.Gaskets of Transformers. For Wind Mill Generators : FRP Nacelle (Top & Bottom) Covers, Nose Cones. Heat Exchangers / Cooling Towers : FRP Air Guides, Blades, Barriers, Panels etc.

Power Sector / Heavy Electrical Equipments

D.K. Insulation Industries are the Pioneers and Established sources for development of Import Substitutes of many Non Metallic items required in Defence Equipments. Products already developed and suoolied anclude Base Plates 7.8 & 8.5 mm, SlippingRing, Cap & Bottom, for 84mm Carl-Gustaf Ammn. Other items : PTFE/fibre Sealing/Packing for TFG and T-72 Tanks, Disc & Bushes for BMP, 3kg FRP Bomb Body & Insulating Panel. Packing Fitments for Ammunition Box. Fin Cap for Naval application.

Insulation Item like Plates, Washers, Tubes, Slotted Blocks etc of Epoxy Glass Sheet, High Molecular Insulating Materials, Sindanio, Asb. Mill Board RCA Fibre boards, for SMELTOR-POT and bus bars of Alluminium and other Plants.

Atomic Energy Establishments

Major products are : Glassepoxy Insulators (made of nema -G-10cr/G-11) for super conducting magnet coil winding of K-500 Super Conduction Cyclotron Items : Coil Partition Segments, Flange Insulators, Short/Long Pickets, Climb Spacers/Wedges/Layers etc. Glass Epoxy Tubes (made of nema-g-10 and g-11 grades) for magnets. Items: Centeral Island Tube, End Spacer Tubes, Coil Filler Tubes, Slit Tubes etc. Frp Items, Polyester/Epoxy Glass Components And Tubes, Nema-G-10/G-11 Items: Insulation Clamps, Insulation Pads, Terminal Mounting Block, Strips etc.

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