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O.B.Wiik has delivered storage solutions to various UN agencies and NGOs for more than 20 years. O.B.Wiik's speciality is to understand the client's requirements and is known for the halls are used today for everything from sports facilities to storage of food and temporary school facilities in emergency zones.

O.B.Wiik's event department is the market leader with 30 years of experience from customers who demand high standards of safety and security of delivery. The products also have a flexible weather protection system that provides a dry working environment.

O.B.Wiik is developing and manufacturing top quality warehouse facilities, relocatable buildings, tarps and shelters. The tent solutions are installed in over 70 countries.

Relocatable Buildings

O.B.Wiik's warehouse, relocatable building, steel or plastic hall can be put into service within just weeks after ordering. The temporary or permanent solutions can easily be expanded, reduced, moved or sold in line with changing needs. Advantages of O.B.Wiik's temporary relocatable buildings are

The usability of these relocatable buildings is high

These are used as cold warehouse, heated storage, insulated halls, dehumidified storage, port warehouses, construction sheds, machine halls bulk storage of sand, salt, grain, pellets, as well as production halls

Sports activities such as football, handball, tennis and horseback riding frequently take place in a sports hall from OB Wiik

These temporary relocatable buildings can be rented, leased or alternatively buy a WiikHall plastic hall

Fabric Covered Buildings

The WiikHall structures are supplied in sizes from 8 metres wide and up and no restrictions on lengths. The load-bearing frame of WiikHall relocatable building is a truss structure, and can be supplied in many variants. While, a large number of arches are held in stock at all times, ensuring short delivery times.

Aesthetics and environmental suitability are issues for all types of buildings, including WiikHall structures. The WiikHall has a pitched roof design like other buildings and accordingly harmonises well with existing built environments. WiikHall is delivered in a wide range of colours, and each building can combine several that increase the possibility to match a WiikHall to its surroundings.

Weather Shelter

WiikHall Weather Shelter is a dry building, a newly developed and flexible model that covers every need for rapid covering of construction sites and work areas. While, this can be used as a weather shelter for temporary storage.

Applications of WiikHall Weather shelter are virtually unlimited at flexible sizes. O.B.Wiik has more than 40 years of experience in meeting enclosure requirements with the aid of temporary weather shelters. WiikHall Weather Shelter ranks as Norway's largest player in this field, and leads the way in developing new products and services.

Relocatable Buildings - Accessories:

O.B.Wiik helps to equip the tent hall with the accessories that precisely meets client's needs. Expert's consultation is available on lightning, doors, mezzanine to help with any other way that O.B.Wiik can assist clients in making the tent hall fit perfect for your needs.

The WiikHall Accessories are:

  • Dehumidification plant
  • Lighting for relocatable buildings
  • Doors
  • Mezzanines for relocatable buildings
  • Racks for relocatable buildings
  • Inner skin


O.B.Wiik is Norway's leading manufacturer and supplier of tarpaulins. The company offers standard sizes in various quality grades, made-to-measure tarpaulin products and tarpaulins for hire. A large variety of standard sizes in various grades are held in stock, with possibilities for making to measure. O.B.Wiik's products are manufactured to the customer's measurements and specifications by its own made-to-measure department.

O.B.Wiik has a nationwide dealer network with tarpaulins for hire is maintained in Norway. So, client's can hire a tarpaulin in Oslo or Arendal, for instance, and return it in Trondheim. A hire customer can avoid tying up capital, because storage and maintenance are handled by O.B.Wiik. The O.B.Wiik Tarpaulin products are

PVC-coated tarpaulins are used as covers where strength and durability are required. The material comprises a stable woven polyester fabric coated on both sides with PVC

Light tarpaulins are alternative for less considered heavy wear and durable shelters at reasonable prices. All these products have reinforced hems with cords and grommets built in every metre and are manufactured in cross-laminated polyethylene.

Made to measure lets O.B.Wiik to manufacture PVC-coated tarpaulin products to customer drawings and measurements. A broad range of different fabric grades and colours is available.

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