Company : Nordic Shelter

Category : Army

Subcategory : Shelters, Field Hospitals, Kitchens and Flooring

Key Products : Expanding Military Sanitary Shelter, Medical Shelter With Integrated Hooklift, Collapsible Rapid Deployment Shelter

Shelters Being Airlifted

Loading Shelter in AC

Mobile Tire Repair Shop - One Side Expanding

Expandable Shelters

10ft Expandable Shelter

Expandable Kitchen Interior

Expanding Military Sanitary Shelter

Modular Building

USMC Expander

Briefing Shelter

Command Post Shelter



Medical Shelter with Integrated Hooklift

POL Container

Tire Repair Shelter

Collapsible Rapid Deployment Shelter

Expandable Military Shelters

Rescue Command and Control Shelter

Ammunition Freight and Storage Container

Ablution Container


Refrigerated Containers

Customised Fueltanks