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Category : Army

Subcategory : Shelters, Field Hospitals, Kitchens and Flooring

Key Products : Mobile Hospital, Military Containers, Military Shelters

Nordic Shelter manufactures and designs containers and shelters for military applications and deployments. The company manufactures high quality products that will work in the most demanding environments and adverse climatic conditions. Main products are mobile hospitals, military containers, military shelters, expanding shelters, ammunition containers, etc. It has its main office in Norway. Its other production centres are at Estonia, Germany, China and USA.

Military shelters, expanding shelters, ammunition containers and military containers by Nordic Shelter are mainly used by deployed forces. The mobile hospitals have high performance medical infrastructures, networked contact zones and shelters offering quick and efficient treatment.  The company also provides a new multifunctional design of medical shelters offering unique flexibility and economy to the users.

Mobile Hospital

Nordic shelter specializes in mobile hospitals and medical shelters. Mobile hospital is a vital part of the entire medical system. In order to keep transport volume and handling efforts to a minimum Mobile hospital are offered in a combination of containers and soft-wall shelters (tents). Mobile hospitals and medical shelter systems can be offered at a turn-key basis, including start-up packages and state of the art medical equipment.

Military Containers

Nordic Shelter offers a wide range of Military Containers solutions to its clients. It varies from ammunition container to medical container and military shelter to mobile gas stations.  Nordic Shelter focuses on optimizing user friendliness, economy of operation and reliability.

Military Shelters

The company manufactures various types of military shelters. Expanding shelters are one of them. Our range of expanding shelters has been developed over years with feedback from in-field users. Thus, the shelters are designed to offer remarkable durability and reliability, ease of transport and handling as well as low investment and operating costs.

Expanding Shelter

Expanding shelters have a wide range of application areas; medical, workshop, command post, communication centre, accommodation, briefing and simulation, to name a few. As a rule, the expanding shelter is set up and is ready for operation, within ten minutes. The 3in1 expanding shelter has an internal floor space of 35 square meters. The weight being only 3,2 tons. It has separate technical compartments for ACU, generator, BC-filtration, etc. With effective insulation in panels, expanding shelter maintains right temperature balance and operates at low cost. Expanding shelter by Nordic Shelter is designed and customized to support operations in any climate and can be transported world-wide as a standard 20ft ISO container.

Ammunition Container

The Nordic Shelter Ammunition container is developed and designed for storage and transportation of explosives and weapons. Sufficient care is taken to ensure that even under extreme weather conditions the ammunition container will maintain the integrity and characteristics of the items stored. The Ammunition container conforms to high safety norms. It complies to “European Agreement Concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road” and “UN Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods”. To automatically regulate temperature and humidity factors the ammunition container has an environmental control unit and dehumidifier unit. New features are regularly added to ammunition container to enhance their functionality. The optional diesel generator offered for the ammunition container enables it to function autonomously. The Ammunition container also has an advanced monitoring system and alarm that immediately reports any malfunction in the operating system through a GSM phone.

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