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Key Products : Expanding Military Sanitary Shelter, Medical Shelter With Integrated Hooklift, Collapsible Rapid Deployment Shelter

Nordic Shelter AS provides the turn-key, tailor made solutions for demanding customers worldwide. We became a global provider of highly specialized containers and shelters for military applications. Our company is a private owned company and we carry out manufacturing and sales by our own in the home markets. We have partners in more than 10 countries.

Nordic Shelter Quality Assurance System is certified to ISO 9001:2008. Our Environmental ManagementSystem is certified to ISO 14001:2004.Since February 2015 Nordic Shelter is part of BNS-Group, Norway.

We also supply advanced mobile systems to esteemed governmental agencies and organizations across the globe. Nordic Shelter contains design, development and engineering with in-house resources. When required we team up with world-class partners to offer “State of The Art” solutions. Our production facilities are located in Oslo, Norway and Tallinn, Estonia.

Highly skilled manpower, organizational flexibility and the right equipment make us to execute larger and smaller projects successfully.

Our Solutions include:

  • Ablution Container
  • Fuel Tank
  • Ammunition Container
  • Command Post
  • FlatRack
  • Hazmat Container
  • Rescue Command Post
  • Mobile Workshop

Expanding Military Sanitary Shelter

Nordic Shelter supplies everything that belongs to the handling, use and maintenance of containers, including:lifting equipment, wheel handling systems, cargo securing equipment, locks and locking bars, dividers, connectors and causeways, trailers and more. Additionally we offer delivery, service and maintenance World-wide.

Our Expanding Military Sanitary Shelter (10ft ISO)is reliable to use and designed to offer remarkable durability, ease of transport and handling as well as low investment and operating costs.

Medical Shelter with Integrated Hooklift

We are specialized in providing Medical shelter with integrated hooklift. Medical shelters are offered in a combination of containers and soft-wall shelters (tents). Mobile hospitals and medical shelter systems can be offered at a turn-key basis, including start-up packages and state of the art medical equipment.

Project Description

ISO 20 ft1C or 1CC in transport mode
Turnkey solution with all required medical infrastructure installed
Units: Operating Theatre, Diagnostic/X-Ray Unit, ICU, Ward, Doctors Office, Clinic etc.
All infrastructures integrated: heating, ventilation, cooling, dehumidifier, water, medical gases distribution system, medical gas storage (EX-proof) and clean air aggregate.

Project Details

Datasheet: 3-1 Expandable Shelter
Tags: Expandable shelters

Collapsible Rapid Deployment Shelter

Collapsible Rapid Deployment Shelter (“Multishelter”)weighs 1500 kg and 4 shelters are transported flat packed as a stack and can be set up in less than 5 minutes. No tools are required for set up.

The shelter is fitted with electrical wiring, lights, heating and air conditioning and will serve well as accommodation, office, medical facility etc. Shelters can be joined together to form large rooms and can be set up 2 high.Stairways and walking platform are available in aluminiumand galvanized steel.

Expandable Military Shelters

Expandable Military Shelters (20ft ISO) is CSC-Certified and complies fully to ISO 1496 and other relevant standards.Power consumption to heat/cool the shelter is extremely low due to the high thermal insulation value of the sandwich panels applied in the shelter.

Full infrastructure and on-board support systems offered: Generator, ECU, overpressure, BC-filtration etc to meet any requirement/function. Separate Technical Compartment to accommodate support systems offered.

Nordic Shelter AS offers truly innovative expanding 3in1 Shelters suitable for a number of applications:

  • Different Medical purposes, mobile clinics, operating theatres, diagnostic units etc
  • Command Posts
  • Communications
  • Training, simulation and briefing
  • Kitchens
  • Workshops
  • Shelters can be joined together to form large rooms

Ammunition Freight and Storage Container

Ammunition Freight and Storage Containeris developed and designed for storage and transportation of explosives and weapons. This container will maintain the integrity and characteristics of the items stored. These containers will be made based on high safety norms. It complies to “European Agreement Concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road” and “UN Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods”.

It contains an environmental control unit and dehumidifier unit to automatically regulate temperature and humidity factors. New features are regularly added to ammunition container to enhance their functionality.

Ammunition Freight and Storage Containeralso includes an advanced monitoring system and alarm that immediately reports any malfunction in the operating system through a GSM phone. The optional diesel generator offered for the ammunition container enables it to function autonomously.


  • It contains full infrastructure including dehumidifier unit, ECU, automatic environmental monitoring system and alarm.
  • Diesel generator is optional.
  • Large number in operational service with 4 different armed forces since 2008
  • Full side opening and roller tracks for easy on- and offloading



External Dimensions Internal Dimensions
Length 6,058 (0, -6) mm 5,898 (0, -6) mm
Width 2,438 (0, -5) mm 2,352 (0, -5) mm
Height 2,591 (0, -5) mm 2,416 (0, -5) mm

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