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Category : Army

Subcategory : Shelters, Field Hospitals, Kitchens and Flooring

Key Products : Mosquito Nets, Sleeping Bags

KK Exports is a premier manufacturer of the most advanced military and law enforcement equipments and is a flagship company of the K. K. Group (Founded in 1972). KK Exports prestigious list of clientele includes the Army, Police, Railways, Paramilitary forces, Navy and other govt/ foreign organisations. KK Exports has an unshakable dedication surpassing international quality standards and can be easily seen in the production, processes and facilities which periodically go through rigourous tests at state-of-the-art laboratories all over the world. KK Exports manufactures Mosquito nets, Sleeping bags, Tactical gear, Industrial clothing, Bullet proof jacket / Ballistic  armour and Tents etc.

Mosquito Nets

KK Exports mosquito nets come in a variety of sizes, mesh, denier and weight as per the client’s exact requirement. A wide range of quality fabric is used to manufacture these mosquito nets such as cotton nets, flame retardant nets, insecticide treated nets (deltamethrin/peremethrine), polyester / nylon nets and HDPE mosquito nets. We can also add skirting/reinforcement at the bottom of the net for extra strength as per clients requirement. Inbuilt research and development facilities are a key instrument in producing quality & durable nets. We have a monthly production capacity of more than 2million nets annually.

Sleeping Bags

The sleeping bags manufactured by KK Exports are designed in a special quilted structure which tapers at the end. Made from double skin synthetic cloth, these sleeping bags help in providing a higher degree of tearing strength and water repellency. These sleeping bags are being easily used in cold conditions as they are light weight with polyphyl inside (from DUPONT) giving maximum resistance and easily foldable making them easy-to-carry. The sleeping bags are available in two types i.e.  Carry bag style and MK4. Also available Foldable mattresses are comfortable, warm and durable even under harsh conditions. Close interface with clients have brought about clear cut requirements in the manufacture of these sleeping bags/mattress. We can produce more than 15000 units per month.


Tactical Gear and Industrial clothing

KK Export manufactures an extensive range of tactical gear and industrial clothing which are top-of-the-line and produced according to the client’s specifications. The tactical gear and clothing division technically design the equipments for equal weight distribution which in turn provides comfort and free body movement for combat. Providing greater mobility along with maximum load is an important attribute of the tactical gear and clothing. Pouch ammunition, combat harness, rucksack, haversack, combat belt, tactical jackets/trousers (combat) and fluorescent harness/jackets (traffic police), Industrial overall & uniforms are some of the tactical gear and clothing being manufactured by KK Exports. The tactical gear and accessories provide unmatched protection and enhanced ammunition carrying capacity because of free body movement. The tactical gear and accessories are durable and weather-resistant. The in-house fabric testing laboratory makes sure that basic material used in the tactical gear and accessories is of the finest quality providing water repellency, strength and flame resistance.

Bullet Proof Jacket

KK Exports offer a wide variety of bullet proof jackets, bullet proof vests, british jackets, military camouflage jackets, webtex tactical jackets, PASGT vests etc. The latest technology goes into the manufacture of most flexible & creating mobility without compromising on protection, with basic level of protection against NIJ standards. KK Exports is world leader in the field of quality bullet proof jacket/body armour and lays equal emphasis on manufacturing as well as finishing and this is seen in the durability of their bullet proof jacket/body armour. The company’s research and development division consists of an elite team of designers who specially design the bullet proof jacket/body armour for optimum fitting and are continually innovating to provide greater comfort. KK Exports is also supplying HAP, SAP & Outer covers separately to companies/contractors as per their individual requirements and specification.

Tent Extendables

KK manufactures and supplies all possible designs of tents to the armed forces keeping their basic/functional requirements in consideration. Currently KK Exports are supplying the following models: Tent Extendable (2m&4m units), Tent Arctic (small/medium and large), Swiss cottage tents (Round/square ended), Tent 80kg, Tent Private MK-3(officers tent), Marquee Tent, Store Tents etc to various defense organizations. These canvas tents are manufactured in state-of-the-art environment which is equipped with the latest facilities for outstanding production. Keeping in mind the basic needs of clients, these tents are produced with quality raw materials which make them durable. Each of these tents are customized for specific usage by clients and are made resistant to any sort of weather condition .Excellent capacity of producing 8000 units per month are produced.

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