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Swedish Armed Forces COOL-Collar™

The Swedish Armed Forces is the Swedish Government Agency responsible for the maintenance and operation of the armed forces of Sweden. The primary task of the Swedish Armed Forces is to train, organize and deploy military forces, domestically and abroad, while maintaining the long-term ability to defend the country in the event of war. The Armed Forces consists of three service branches; the Army, the Air Force and the Navy. Since
1994 the three branches are organized in one unified Government Agency.

The Swedish Armed Forces approached CP Cases with requirement for rack systems for electronic and communications equipment. These containers also had to comply with a number of specific requirements:

AMAZON hard transit cases: video surveillance system for the Italian Army

The Italian Army Aviation have recently received the first CCTV video surveillance system, field deployable kit.

The system is aimed to provide video surveillance and anti-intrusion to temporary structures like tents, containers, etc. during out of area operations.

The system is lightweight and conceived for maximum degree of mobility and transportability, also via airlift.

Hale Hamilton Aluminium Cases

Nitrogen has many uses in industry, both in commercial or military applications, and dry nitrogen is specifi cally used in the servicing of tyres on braked aircraft wheels. This greatly reduces the possibility of a brake fi re being fed by a tyre fi lled with air and therefore airlines, air corps & air forces fi nd it much easier to use nitrogen on all tyres instead of specifying non braked tires.

Aircraft tyres come in many different sizes, often with their own connectors. Hale Hamilton wanted to simplify the maintenance process and produce a nitrogen recharging system that contained all of the different parts needed, but remained portable and secure for use on airfi elds.

Grenade Cases for French Gendarmerie

The Gendarmerie nationale is a branch of the French Armed Forces, in charge of public safety, with police duties among the civilian population. It also contains a military police force and a special forces component (GIGN). The Gendarmerie works with the other national law enforcement agency, the Police Nationale, and, although it is a part of the armed forces establishment, is now a part of the Ministry of the Interior as its military component and forms part of its operations and budget. It is mandated to fulfil national security duties and duties in support of its parent ministry.

Aerofl ex Modular Aluminium Cases

The test system consists of a combination of bespoke elements and many commercial off-the-shelf items and is required to interface directly with the aircraft using adapters. All adapters and accessories are contained inside the WSTGE and the whole system is fully mobile, compact, rugged, self-contained and suitable for use in sheltered environments.

The operator requires access to all control and display panels of the test system from its normal working position and an A4 colour printer is incorporated within the WSTGE. It also includes mechanical handling features such as fork lift points.

Aircraft Carrier Alliance - Case Study

CP Cases, the UK based specialist designer & manufacturer of protective rackmount enclosures and transit cases is proudly supplying more than 1200 custom-designed rackmount enclosures and more than 4000 adaptors and brackets, for installation onboard the two new Queen Elizabeth (QE) Class aircraft carriers currently under construction.

CP Cases won the contract in competitive tender last year and manufacture is now underway at the company’s West London plant. “The building of these two mighty ships is a monumental engineering project and we’re very proud to be part of it” said Peter Ross, Managing Director of CP Cases.