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For more than 45 years, WZWOPTIC AG has designed and manufactured high-end, quality optics solutions for a global customer base. Now under second-generation management, the company has never been stronger. Their mission is simple: by exploring new technologies and materials, they will consolidate and extend their superior market position in order to make increasingly larger contributions to their customers’ success.

Optic Ag Certified Company

WZWOPTICAG, an ISO-9001:2008 certified company, aims for zero defects in manufacturing and builds quality and reliability into its products and services through excellence in design, workmanship, and statistical control methods, as well as a continual drive for improvement.

Quality Assured: As an ISO:9001: certified company since 1998, we adhere to strict quality controls so you can be assured of our commitment to bringing you only the best products, high-quality manufacturing, and superior on-time delivery. In 2010 WZWOPTICAG was accredited with ISO: 9001:2008 certification.

Ring Laser Gyro Mirrors

Sub Angstrom polished substrates, Ring Laser Gyro (RLG) Mirrors:

‘Super-polished’ or laser quality polished substrates are ideal for use as low-loss laser mirrors, where thermal stability, surface scatter and high laser damage thresholds are key requirements.

WZWOPTICAG uses state-of-the-art ‘Super-polishing’ technology to fabricate flat and radius substrates. A large investment in metrology instrumentation enables WZWOPTICAG to measure and verify virtually all aspects of the mirror performance, including reflectance,  scattering, surface figure, surface roughness and absorption are to mention a few.

'Super-Polished surfaces with a surface roughness of <= 1 Å rms, figured to <= 1/10 Wave PV, a scratch-dig of <= 10-5 and surface figure <= /20 @633nm this combination helps to minimize both scatter and absorption. Flat and Curved ‘Super-polished’ Mirror Substrates (Surface Roughness better than 1 Angstrom RMS).

Optical Assemblies

Specializing in 'build to print' manufacturing, from start to finish, WZWOPTICAG has the unique capability of offering customers an integrated 'one-stop' source for all their optical requirements. The optical assemblies are very carefully assembled under a Class 100 Laminar flow environment. Unique alignment instruments and techniques have been developed and used to achieve the optimum performance of these assemblies.

WZWOPTICAG utilizes a combination of both manual and automated assembly technologies including measuring instrumentation, Interferometers and assembly jigs. Unique alignment instruments and techniques have been developed and used to achieve the optimum performance of these assemblies.

Optics (Standard)

  • Beam splitters: Cubes,
  • Polarizing Assemblies
  • Windows
  • High precision angle tolerances to +/-1 arc second
  • Thickness tolerance +/- 2 µm
  • Parallelism < 1 arc second

Mechanical Assemblies

WZWOPTICAG provides opto-mechanical engineering and system prototyping services. WZWOPTICAG works with your engineering team to design and build first article prototype systems. WZWOPTICAG offers a high level of specialized expertise to all phases of assembly fabrication, from optomechanical concepting and design, through component construction, final assembly and testing.WZWOPTICAG assembly capabilities include rapid prototyping, custom-built and high volume assembly.

Our in house design team and manufacturing enables optimization of function, performance and costs.

  • Mechanical Alignment < / = .001 mm
  • Optical Alignment < / = 1 Arc Second Beam Deviation
  • Multiple Element Assemblies Glass To Glass Bonding
  • Custom Assemblies
  • Laser Marking And Etching

Micro Optics

Experiences in the micro- and precision optics manufacturing are an solid basis for manufacturing complex optics with continuously highest precision and for being an reliable supplier. WZWOPTICAG is often involved as a partner in projects from an early product development stage. In collaboration with involved project partners we focus on finding innovative solutions with high functionality and cost efficiency from prototype to serial production.

Micro prisms for medical and technical endoscopic applications reveal the full range of know-how. WZWOPTICAG has continuously responded to the challenge of customer-specific and unusual requirements in the micrometer range. One of their specialties is the production of micro optical components: autoclavable compact prisms and individual prisms 0.3mm and larger. The Tilting Spindle capability is designed to provide both perpendicular cuts and 8° angular cuts needed to suppress back-reflection in optic components.

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