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Thermal Beacon Ltd is a leading company developing and producing high-end innovative thermal IFF (Identification Friend or Foe)emitters and high power visible and infrared laser illuminators and pointers. The company products are being based on state of the art, patented technologies and combines high performance with extremely compact design.

Thermal Beacon being established in 2003 by unique professional management is based in Israel. Thermal Beacon Ltd was recently certified to AS9100. AS9100 is the international management system standard for the Aircraft, Space and Defense (AS&D) industry. AS 9100 also addresses civil & military aviation requirements. The products are sold to customers around the world and are supervised by the Israeli M.O.D export control division.

multi Spectral Emitter MS-OMR

MS-OMR (Multi Spectral, Omni, Medium Range)

The Thermal-Beacon is an innovative and unique infrared emitter which radiates in the thermal spectrum (most efficiently at 3-5 micron) and does not emit radiation in the visible or the near infrared region. It is used as an identification device in the thermal spectrum region, for use with dismount soldiers, military vehicles, yachts, pilots, police SWAT teams, SAR, emergency services and mountain rescue teams. The MS (Multi Spectral) version allows the user to control the thermal spectrum of radiation from the following: Only thermal region (for thermal cameras), Only near infrared region (for light intensifiers and SLS) and Both thermal and near infrared regions simultaneously.

Wide Spectrum Operating Equipment Mk-IV

Thermal Beacon - Mk-IV (Vehicle Mount)

Thermal Beacon’s Mk-IV is Wide Spectrum (WSTB) operating equipment that operates in the range of 3-12 ?m. It is vehicle mount equipment operated with 12V or 24V supply. It is handy as Reliable Military Optical IFF (Friend or Foe Identification) equipment. Hence, use full in Positive force identification. Thermal Beacon’s Mk-IV fully complies with STANAG 2129 standards. It signals in the 3-5 ?m and also 8-12 ?m wavelength ranges. It can also be used in an optional 0.8 µm signaling.

Handy IFF Equipment MK-V

MK-V (Hand held)

Thermal Beacon’s MK-V is handy IFF equipment that has different parameters to offer than its predecessor, MK-IV. It is dismount device operated with battery power. MK-V gives a recognition range of 2kms when used with an 8-12MCT camera at narrow field. When used with 3-5 micron camera with InSb detector and 250mm lens it offers a recognition range of 3-5kms. Its near IR beacon can be seen from 10Kms away. The MK-V weighs about 2kgs.

Light Sword WMRC

Light Sword WMRC - Weapon Mounted Remote Control

Light Sword RC is a very compact, high power laser illuminator and pointer in the near infrared region. The system is being used as weapon illuminator for forces using image intensifier devices for ranges of more than 1 km and up to 15 km for pointing out targets for infantry forces not equipped with FLIR systems. The system is designed to be mounted on heavy machine guns or even light guns (20 mm and above), without the need of any shock observing devices. The open mechanical interface allows the integration with almost any remote weapon station in the world.

Weapon Mounted IR Illuminator Venom

Venom - IR Pointer/Illuminator

Venom is a weapon mounted infrared laser illuminator and pointer for very long range. Venom most powerful in its category – 200mW.  Eye safe mode is integrated. Venom is light weight and optics is adjustable for pointing and illumination. Remote control or Hand held options with built-in weapon holder are also available.

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