Company : PCO S.A.

Category : Army

Subcategory : Optronics, Surveillance and Sighting Systems

Key Products : Night Vision Goggles, Integrated Optoelectronic Module, Battlefield simulation system

PCO S.A. A singular entity in the domain of optoelectronics, PCO stands supreme and solitary as the manufacturer of optoelectronic devices which incorporate laser technology. Both of these innovations are imperative for the production of any kind of military equipment.

Although founded in 1976 under the name of “Przemyslowe Centrum Optyki w budowie”, PCO SA eventually transfigured itself into a joint stock company named “Przemyslowe Centrum Optyki S.A.”.

In an industry, which is perpetually reforming and evolving itself ever since the early 70’s, PCO has maintained its stature of being the most trustworthy and reliable producer of modern optoelectronic devices based on noctovision, thermovision and laser technologies in Poland.

PCO products are identified as the first-choice of both domestic military users as well as allied domestic and foreign organizations. These products and services have been duly venerated by certificates and rewards of recognition.

The defense industry heavily relies on PCO’s industrial acumen to craft technological innovations and strategic-organisational initiatives.

Core Mission:


  • PCO‘s core mission is to elevate the standards of efficiency and safety for the Polish soldiers through its business. It is also enthusiastic about participating in military missions and fortifying the domestic defence industry.

Future Soldier Project:


  • The organization also leads a conglomerate solely dedicated to the project titled "Future Soldier".
  • Future Soldier project is an undertaking of a scientific-industrial consortium that includes defence industry companies, research and development institutes and Military University of Technology. Through this initiative, the consortium strives to achieve high standards of equipment for the Polish soldiers in the modern battlefield and ensure that all their requirements are met adequately.

PCO S.A. has an extensive range of products and solutions specifically catering to defense technology.

  • Night vision goggles,
  • Aiming sights,
  • Periscopes for armoured vehicles,
  • Thermal imaging cameras
  • Other optoelectronic systems.

Every solution and service proffered by PCO has sought-after optimization of technology and is a result of research and development activities. Following are the detailed descriptions of our products:

Social Responsibility:

PCO is a socially responsible company where partnering with clients, suppliers, employees and the local community is given paramount importance. The company also whole-heartedly supports development of science and entrepreneurship, cooperating with universities, scientific institutes and supports numerous social and charity initiatives.

Apart from this, PCO is also cognizant with its duty towards the environment. Committing to its responsibility, it fulfills all requirements of environmental protection. This endeavor has been felicitated with the award of “Environment-friendly Company” certificate. 

Night Vision Binoculars

Miniature Night-Vision Monocular MU-3M KOLIBER

Miniature night vision monocular MU-3M KOLIBER is a modern night vision device, designed for individual user for observation in night conditions. MU-3M is currently one of the lightest night vision devices in the world.

Device after fixing on the weapon can be used as a night vision sight (in cooperation with collimator and holographic sights. It is also possible to fix the device on a bridge and use it as night vision goggles for vehicle drivers. Monocular can be fixed on all types of helmets. Thanks to modern aspherical optics the device is also much shorter than the previously produced monoculars – the overall length is 97 mm. MU-3M night vision device can work with an infrared attachment ClipIR, thus allowing observations of the scenery in fusion mode: night vision and thermal modes blended together.

Night Vision Goggles

Miniature Night-Vision Goggles PNL-2ADM SZPAK

PNL-2ADM SZPAK miniature night vision goggles are light night vision instrument designed for performing tasks at night. PNL-2ADM is a noctovisor with two independent optical channels.

PNL-2ADM goggles enable to observe binocularly and allow keeping natural shapes and sizes of the observed scenery. Night vision goggles are compatible with majority of currently used helmets. The battery box is a separate element fixed in the back side of the helmet, that is why the weight is evenly distributed keeping at the same time low weight of the structure. The goggles have built-in IR illuminator.

Thermal Imaging Camera

Thermal Camera KLW-1 ASTERIA

Cooled thermal camera KLW-1 operates in 8-12 μm, equipped with an MCT detector of III generation and a screen resolution of 640x512 pixels.

The camera may be used in:

  • Systems controlling on-board armament firing
  • Surveillance and recognition systems

Distinctive features of the product:

  • High quality of cooled detector of III generation
  • Choice of field of the analysis of image automation system

Thermal Imaging Sight

Thermal imaging sight SCT RUBIN

Thermal imaging sight SCT RUBIN is designed for observation and firing using small arms. This allows detection and identification of targets, regardless of the lighting conditions and unfavorable weather conditions.

Thermal image is displayed in the embedded eyepiece, which automatically shuts off after the shooter takes the eye. This mechanism eliminates illuminating the face. SCT sight is also equipped with an external on-helmet display giving the shooter a lot of flexibility in operating the sight at a certain distance from the eye (e.g. ability to conduct surveillance and shooting “around the corner”). The sight has an energy-saving function.

Optoelectronic System

Stabilized observation and aiming optoelectronic system GOD-1 IRIS

A stabilized GOD-1 commander optoelectronic head for observation and aiming is a technically advanced product with a number of features enabling easy integration with weapon platforms (vehicles; armament modules, antiaircraft sets). Its design allows using it on different types of land vehicles designed for detection, recognition, identification of ground and air targets.

A stabilized commander optoelectronic head for observation and aiming GOD-1 is designed for detection, tracking and aiming at ground and air targets in Remote Tower System under natural daylight conditions and at night.

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