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Category : Army

Subcategory : Optronics, Surveillance and Sighting Systems

Key Products : Elevation gimbal system for target tracking, Four axis gimbal system

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Elevation Gimbal System

Azimuth - Elevation gimbal system for target tracking

This Azimuth - Elevation gimbal system positions a 350 mm diameter mirror that can be used for laser based qualification and characterization of precision optical sensors, LIDAR analysis, or target tracking.  The system features RV Series Rotation Stages for the movement and high-accuracy, direct-reading rotary encoders providing ±5 µrad absolute accuracy over the full travel range.

Azimuth - Elevation Gimbal System

Azimuth/Elevation/Roll system

This Azimuth/Elevation/Roll system is used on antenna calibration, LIGA specimen scanning or 3D simulation. The system features RV Series High Performance Rotation Stages with folded motors, 0.001 degree resolution, a 100 µm SOC and a 10 kg load capacity.

Elevation/Roll system

Azimuth/Elevation/Roll system

This Azimuth - Elevation Gimbal System is used for calibration of a 150 kg rangefinder. The system features RV series rotation stages providing 0.0002° unidirectional repeatability a 150kg load capacity and +/- 15 µrad wobble.

Four-axis Gimbal System

Four-axis gimbal system

Originally designed for the testing of guidance and bore sighting systems, this four axis gimbal can be used for any application that requires high load capacity and high speed motion such as antenna testing, LIDAR or target simulation and tracking. The Azimuth axis provides 350 degrees of motion and a positioning error of less than 0.001 degree. The Elevation axis provides +/-50 degrees of motion and a positioning error of less than 0.0006 degrees. The 1 µm X and Z translation stages provide 300 and 50 mm travel respectively

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