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Category : Army

Subcategory : Optronics, Surveillance and Sighting Systems

Key Products : Explosive Vapor Detector, Metal Detectors

Kapri Corp is a high – end security solutions provider & integrator firm from Mumbai-India. Founded in 1972 with the name ‘UnitD’ Kapri Corp have executed and successfully completed many prestigious infra & construction related turn-key projects. With the growing experience the enterprise started a successful import and export business in the name of “Kapri Impex” (now Kapri Corp) in 1997. The company business covers import and export of various high - end security solutions involving domestic and international project executions.

Being directly involved with the manufacturing companies over the world Kapri’s engineers/service technicians are trained hands on at the OEMs facility giving them a greater control over the maintenance and service of the company’s security equipments. With quality and customer satisfaction as primary motto the enterprise have always been aiming at the goal of bringing quality integrated solutions like Metal Detectors, Explosive & Narcotics Detection, Surveillance Products, Under Vehicle Surveillance System, Xray Scanners, Portable Xray Scanners. Road Blockers & Tyre Killers, EOD equipment, etc.

Explosive Vapor Detector

Pilot M/M1*, the Explosive Vapour Tracer Detector, is a swift, surefire response to avert damage to life and property. It is easy to use light and portable (weighing not more than 2 kg) and requires low warm-up time to cut the response time to the minimum. Its ergonomic design helps comfortable usage. More importantly, Pilot M/M1* is highly sensitive, quick in detection and highly selective. The Explosive Vapor Tracer Detector ensures quick and timely detection of intrusion to safeguard life and property.

Pilot M/M1* relies on the power of technology and is not affected by external odors (usually dogs involved in sniffing operations can be affected by distraction such as the scent of paint-work, oil, animals, other materials and even by noise). It is guided simply and sharply by its designed direction.

Walk Through Metal Detectors

Kapri Corp designs high end metal detectors classified into various requirements like the Multi zone metal detector, Weather proof metal detector, Metal detector with CCTV support and SCADA remote controlled metal detectors. All the metal detectors comply with International norms (NILECJ-0601 L1-5/IP53/IEC 348/EN60950 Class1) and CE European Union Norms and produced under ISO 9001: 2008 QMS. These metal detectors offer 6, 9 or 15 zone metal detection with certified human friendly VLF technology. They consist of 10 sensitivity levels with 256 adjustments at each level. Graphic Zone & metal density is displayed at 10-level-VU meter with green, yellow and red LEDs. Environment magnetic & electrical noise level detection is displayed on LCD Screen with the help of Integrated high-tech filter circuitry. With SRC – Scada Remote Monitoring and Control Software, alarms can be seen on mobile PCs with Audio-Visual Alarm indicators displaying the Separate Zone Detection on WTMD. SRC is also available with Ethernet/IP Protocol through Network via remote PC.

X-Ray Baggage/ Parcel Scanner

Kapri Corp deals with Parcel Scanners, Small and Medium sized X-Ray Baggage scanners, & Big sized X-Ray scanners ranging from smallest envelops to cargo scanning. Kapri Corp’s baggage scanners possess high performance network. They are available with customer optional training mode (OTP Software), Optional xAutosight software for explosive, narcotics & organic substance detection assist. Optional Threat Image Projection software. The baggage scanner is originally equipped with crisis analyzing system (black box) (Combines images of the person & baggage outlook with the xray image and archives it in one single file enabling recall of information more effective.). All the scanner equipment is CE Certified and AERB, India approved. They are equipped with the most latest scanning and image review features.

Portable X-Ray Detector

Kapri Corp’s portable Xray Detector is a unique portable X-ray inspection system with a minifocus and microfocus constant potential X-ray source used to scan unattended bags & objects. The voltage can be adjusted from 20 to 160kV. This allows inspecting objects made from different materials with varying density and thickness (20-70kV is the optimal voltage for checking mail and thin objects, while 100-160kV works best for baggage and thick objects). One of the advantages of this system is its ability to inspect areas of an object in fine detail using geometric magnification (up to 40 times). There is option of wireless communication which will enable the user to screen suspected objects from a distance in excess of 50 meters. Since in real life situations the surrounding area where the object has to be scanned differs we can offer flat panel detectors and camera based detectors also for flexibility.

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