Company : FLIR Systems Co Ltd

Category : Army

Subcategory : Optronics, Surveillance and Sighting Systems

Key Products : Thermal Imaging Cameras, Security Cameras

Port Authority of Ravenna installs FLIR Systems HRC-S MS Multi-Sensor

Thanks to its strategic geographical position in the north-east of Italy, on the Adriatic Sea, the Port of Ravenna is an Italian leader in commercial trade with the East Mediterranean and the Black Sea. It plays an important role in trade with the Middle and Far East. The Port of Ravenna is one of the major Italian ports as far as break bulk cargo is concerned: in particular, it is the Italian leader in the handling of raw materials for ceramics, cereals, fertilizers and animal food.

Military vehicles APP_STORY_ENG-Asia LR

Thermal imaging for military driver vision enhancement and increased situational awareness. See without being seen. This is often a major requirement for drivers of all types of military vehicles during a mission. Driving with head and/or taillights turned on in hostile territory poses a serious threat for the vehicle, its driver, passengers and load since the enemy can easily monitor its activities. Still, when advancing in hostile territory, drivers need to be able to see what is ahead of them. They need to see the condition of the terrain on which they are advancing, but they also need a broad situational awareness about what is happening around them. Often it is the driver's responsibility to monitor the direct area around the vehicle for opposing forces or other threatening activity. Also accidents with vehicles of friendly forces need to be avoided at all times. Not an easy task when all vehicles are driving without lights.