Company : FLIR Systems Co Ltd

Category : Army

Subcategory : Optronics, Surveillance and Sighting Systems

Key Products : Thermal Imaging Cameras, Security Cameras

Ground Law Enforcement catalogue

FLIR Systems is the world's leading supplier of thermal imaging systems for law enforcement missions. We offer products to match any law enforcement mission whether it be in the air, on the water, or on the ground. Many different models and options are available to match your specific mission and budget.

(Border Security) PTZ 35x140 MS

The PTZ 35x140 MS / SR 35x140MS are powerful multi-sensor (MS) thermal camera systems for medium to long-range security applications. In addition to a high-quality TV camera, the fixed SR variant and the pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) variant each have two thermal imagers: a 35 mm camera for wide-angle surveillance and a long-range 140mm camera.

PT Series

PT-Series thermal security cameras let you see intruders and other threats to your facility's security clearly in total darkness and in bad weather. The PT-Series precision pan/tilt mechanism gives operators accurate pointing control while providing fully programmable scan patterns, radar slew-to-cue, and slew-to-alarm functionality.


F-Series thermal security cameras let you see intruders and other threats to your facility clearly in total darkness and in bad weather. Fully enabled for control and operation over digital and analog networks, F-Series thermal imaging cameras are available in 160 - 120, 320 - 240, and high-resolution 640 - 480 formats, providing up to sixteen times the image clarity and longer threat detection range performance than lower resolution cameras.

See Clearly In Total Darkness

PathFindIR is a powerful thermal night vision camera that lets drivers see clearly in total darkness.

Typical headlights only let you see about 450' straight ahead, but PathFindIR sees heat not light, so you can see everything in front of you. PathFindIR lets you see clearly, night and day, in good weather and bad, without being blinded by the glare of oncoming headlights.