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FLIR Systems, Inc. is the global leader in Infrared cameras, night vision and thermal imaging systems. Our products play pivotal roles in a wide range of industrial, commercial and government activities in more than 60 countries. Pioneers in the commercial infrared camera industry, the Company has been supplying thermography and night vision equipment to science, industry, law enforcement and the military for over 30 years. From predictive maintenance, condition monitoring, non-destructive testing, R&D, medical science, temperature measurement and thermal testing to law enforcement, surveillance, security and manufacturing process control, FLIR offers the widest selection of infrared cameras for beginners to pros. The product range includes Thermal Imaging Cameras, Security Cameras, EMCCD Camera, Low Light Cameras, and Surveillance Cameras.

Thermal Imaging Cameras

For Border Security and coastal surveillance - Thermal imaging cameras are widely used for Homeland Security. Thanks to Thermal Imaging Cameras ability to detect human-sized targets several kilometers away, they are extremely suited for border surveillance and protection.

For Commercial Security - Thermal Imaging Cameras compliment and complete your security camera network by giving you the power to see threats invisible to the naked eye, turning night into day. Thermal Imaging Cameras make images from the heat energy that is around us all the time, not from reflected visible light, giving you true 24/7 imaging capability without lights or illuminators. Thermal energy penetrates atmospheric obscurants better and farther than visible light, allowing you to see what’s out there through haze, smoke, dust and even light fog. Day and night, through good weather and bad, close up and far away, FLIR’s thermal security cameras do it all.

Thermal Security Cameras

F-Series thermal Security Cameras let you see intruders and other threats to your facility clearly in total darkness and in bad weather. Fully enabled for control and operation over digital and analog networks, F-Series thermal imaging cameras are available in 160 × 120, 320 × 240, and high-resolution 640 × 480 formats, providing up to sixteen times the image clarity and longer threat detection range performance than lower resolution cameras.

PT-Series thermal Security Cameras let you see intruders and other threats to your facility’s security clearly in total darkness and in bad weather. The PT-Series precision pan/tilt mechanism gives operators accurate pointing control while providing fully programmable scan patterns, radar slew-to-cue, and slew-to-alarm functionality.

PathfindIR Thermal Imaging Camera

FLIR PathFindIR is a compact thermal imaging camera that significantly reduces the hazards of night time driving. Automotive Night Vision Systems enable drivers to detect and monitor potential hazards on or near the road, allowing more time to react to any potential danger. PathFindIR Thermal imager helps the user recognize pedestrians, animals, or objects in total darkness, smoke, rain and snow. The PathFindIR module can be integrated into military vehicle designs, or adapted for aftermarket commercial vehicle applications. The PathFindIR is available in 25 Hz PAL / 30 Hz NTSC or 8.3 Hz PAL / 7.5 Hz NTSC. To see the difference between 25 Hz PAL and 9.3 Hz PAL.

Surveillance Camera

The PTZ-35x140 MS is especially developed for security applications. Low light Cameras is a powerful, multi-sensor, mid-range, thermal imaging system. Low light Cameras features two thermal imaging cameras and one daylight / low light camera. One thermal imager has a wide angle field-of-view and is ideal for situational awareness. The other with the narrow field-of-view is designed for mid-range target recognition.

Low Light Cameras

The 658 × 496 EMCCD camera core provides ultra-lowlight imaging for 24-hour security, airborne surveillance, border patrol, and public safety applications. Available in monochrome and full color configurations, the Surveillance Camera provides both analog and 14-bit digital video outputs.

Camp Beds

Fra Angelico manufactured camp beds are of two types:

  • Extra Strong Camp beds
  • Folding structure in strong Steel Camp Beds

The extra strong camp beds are made in increased thickness box-type aluminium. Thus strength is provided to the camp beds. The fabric used for the camp beds is polyester. The extra camp beds have a carry sack available. The folding structure camp beds are made up of strong steel. A handy shoulder strap is provided for easy carrying. The company provides bulk orders. Timely delivery of camp beds is ensured.

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