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Proengin specialises in Chemical and Biological Warfare agents' detection systems with the use of Flame Spectrometry. Proengin designs, develops and manufactures all its range of products encompassing systems for vehicles, ships, infrastructures as well as hand held detectors. Proengin products are used in more than 40 countries. The military Civil defence and environmental agencies use this for detection purpose. The widely used AP2C has proven the capacity to be the most reliable with the lowest false alarm rate and the simplest ease of use. AP4C have extended capacity to include chemical warfare agents and Toxic industrial materials in a simultaneous mode. There is no limitation in number of gases detected by the AP4C. Proengin products are made in response to the NATO recommendations. Chemical detector AP2C and Chemical detector AP4C can work in severe environments because of their high sensitivity. Proengin manufactured biological detector MAB has the unique capacity of detecting and categorizing biological particles.

Portable Chemical Contamination Control Device AP2C

Chemical detector AP2C is a hand held portable monitoring unit. The chemical detector AP2C is a portable chemical contamination control device. Chemical agents like G (GA, GB, GD, GF), VX and HD in the form of vapour or aerosols are detected with the help of Chemical detector AP2C. Proengin manufactured chemical detector AP2C is particularly suitable for military use in rough conditions:

  • Fast turn on
  • Immediate measurement
  • Single-handed operation
  • Simplicity of use
  • Ability to be turned off without precautions

Portable Hand Held Detectors AP4C

Proengin manufactured Chemical detector AP4C is a portable unit. This chemical detector AP4C helps in perfect monitoring. Chemical detector AP4C is a portable chemical contamination control device. Chemical detector AP4C detects agents in the form of vapour, aerosols, dust and with the S4PE in the form of liquid.

The chemical detector AP4C is suitable for military use in rough conditions and its major specifications are:

  • Fast turn on
  • Immediate measurement
  • Single-handed operation
  • Simplicity of use
  • Ability to be turned off without precautions...
  • Flameproof.
  • Internal data storage
  • Downloads
  • ATP45 format messages

Chemical Agent Detector for Mobile Application AP4C-V

The chemical detector AP4C-V is a chemical agent detector for fixed or mobile application. CWA and TICs are detected with the help of chemical detector AP4C-V. All G, blister and all blood agents are detected by the chemical detector AP4C-V. Chemical detector AP4C-V is used in fixed positions (shelters, storage areas) or mobile (reconnaissance vehicles, light vehicles)

  • Fast and remote controlled turn-on
  • Immediate identification and measurements
  • Remote report of information
  • Dynamic filtration of dust
  • Fast response time and fast return-to-zero time.
  • Flameproof

Chemical Warfare Agent Detector AP4C-F

Chemical detector AP4C-F is a chemical warfare agent detector. Chemical detector AP4C-F is to be used in a battlefield or urban environment on moving platforms for reconnaissance missions.

Chemical detectors AP4C-F are real time chemical warfare agents and simultaneously detect Toxic Industrial material:-

  • Simultaneous detection of mixed agents
  • Very short response time and reset time
  • Adapted to harsh environmental conditions
  • Networking with up to 10 detectors
  • No maintenance for one year

MAB Biological Detection

Biological detector MAB is a biological alarm monitor. Particles in the atmosphere are detected by Biological detector MAB. Highly ruggedized biological detector MAB is very simple to use on the field, extremely low power is consumed by biological detector MAB (15W). The very reliable biological detector MAB has been designed to be mounted on tracked vehicles. Biological detector MAB is insensitive to diesel exhausts. Tiny biological particles are only detected by Biological detector MAB. The chemical composition is categorised with the help of Biological detector MAB. The difference between the background particles from the suspicious particles of the field is done by Biological detector MAB.

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