Company : Colibrys (Switzerland) Ltd.

Category : Army

Subcategory : Navigation and Satellite Communications

Key Products : Accelerometers products and services, Inertial sensing products

Colibrys appoints Marco Rossi as Vice-President Sales & Marketing

Colibrys reinforces its organization to drive the expansion of its business and strengthen its leadership in high-performance MEMS, by appointing Marco Carlo Rossi as Vice-President Sales & Marketing.

With more than 15 year experience in executive positions for STMicroelectronics, Marco Carlo Rossi will be leading the renewal of the portfolio, the development of new product lines and the continued development of the worldwide sales organization.

Colibrys Celebrates Its 10 Years In China

On Thursday the 17th of September, Colibrys, the Swiss high-end MEMS leader, and its leading distributor Qinpex celebrated the 10 years presence of the brand in China. Customers, business partners as well as Safran and Sagem China top executives attended this event which took place in Shanghai downtown at the Lost Heaven restaurant.

Colibrys inaugurates its premises to Yverdon-les-Bains

World-class leader in the field of high performance micro-motion sensors, Colibrys inaugurates its presence in the area of Y-Parc in Yverdon-les-Bains.

Colibrys announce today the release of one of the world\'s highest stability ±3g full rangeaccelerometer commercially available, the RS9003.A.

Colibrys announce today the release of one of the world's highest stability ±3g full range accelerometer commercially available, the RS9003.A.

Colibrys launches world\\\'s best open-loop MEMS accelerometer displacing traditional high cost, fragile solutions

"RS9010 will enable the AHRS designers to obtain excellent performance at reduced cost while benefitting from the inherently rugged MEMS sensor, which open new application opportunities and simplifies sensor handling during the manufacturing process" commented Soheil Habibi, Business Development Manager for Colibrys inertial sensors.

Colibrys has appointed Treffer Technologias as Brazilian distributor

"We see increasing demands from South America for motion sensors dedicated to harsh environment and safety critical applications. Partnering with Treffer is the best solution to offer our customers a local source of supply with a responsive and proactive knowledgeable technical support" says Jean-Michel Stauffer, VP Sales & Marketing of Colibrys (Switzerland) Ltd.

Colibrys (Switzerland) Ltd signed today a distribution agreement with Pewatron AG for their motion sensors

Colibrys' partnership with Pewatron will strengthen its presence and level of sales support throughout Switzerland and world-wide for customer specific products. This collaboration will increase visibility and business potential of both companies in the Mil/Aerospace, Industrial and Instrumentation markets.

Colibrys expands global presence into Turkey with IMCA Elektronik Ltd

Neuchâtel, Switzerland, 2 February, 2011 Colibrys (Switzerland) Ltd, announced today signing a distribution agreement with IMCA Elektronik Ltd. for the distribution of its MEMS accelerometers in Turkey. Colibrys continues its worldwide expansion strategy by selecting IMCA as its distributor in Turkey. Turkey is actively investing in developing its own indigenous technology capabilities and sources, especially in the Mil/Aerospace and seismic instrumentation markets and as such presents a real opportunity for sale of inertial, vibration and seismic accelerometers. With already many years of experience in the Mil/Aerospace and Industrial markets and a well established customer database, IMCA is an ideal partner for Colibrys.

Colibrys SA strengthens its presence in China

" After many years cooperation with Colibrys, we are confident to increase the business opportunities for Colibrys MEMS accelerometers in China where demand for high accuracy, high reliability, safety critical motion sensors is growing rapidly " says Ying Ke, Director of International Business of NAV TECH.

Colibrys targets denationalised Russian Aerospace and Energy industries

"The Russian market for commercial and military aircraft and helicopters represents a significant proportion of the world market today. With that comes the need for leading avionics navigation and control systems and subsystems. As the world's leading independent supplier of inertial sensors, we hope to capitalize on the opportunities that will come with the planned liberalization of this market. Radiant-Elcom provides all the necessary on the ground technical and commercial expertise to help us access the key customers in this country" stated Jean-Michel Stauffer VP Sales & marketing for Colibrys".

Colibrys and iXBlue announce smallest marine and subsea gyrocompassing and AHRS based navigation systems.

Colibrys and iXBlue announce smallest marine and subsea gyrocompassing and AHRS based navigation systems.

Colibrys (Switzerland) Ltd. has announced today the release of the MS9001.D, a MEMS based tilt sensor targeted at industrial and aerospace markets for use typically in platform stabilization applications. The product has already been qualified for example in conjunction with satellite communication and scanning radar antennas, remote surveillance cameras, industrial table-tops or fire-control servo-systems.

Colibrys consolidates its presence in the Indian market

Neuchatel, Switzerland: Colibrys (Switzerland) Ltd. has appointed Zetatek as new Indian distributor dedicated mainly to the Mil/Aerospace and Industrial markets.

“Zetatek has long term experience and a very well established sales network throughout India in particular in the Mil/Aerospace and Industrial markets. Based on this and their deep technical understanding of MEMS sensing and test requirements we are extremely pleased to confirm them as our distributor”, says Bahram Arbab, Colibrys Sales Director for Europe & Asia.