Company : NODIN Aviation AS

Category : Army

Subcategory : MEDEVAC (Medical Evacuation)

Key Products : Nato Medevac Stretcher, Casevac Kit

To ensure success the company takes pride in working closely with their customers and users in particular, hence the company's motto; your needs - our knowledge - equals innovation.

MEDEVAC Stretcher

NATO MEDEVAC Stretcher is four folded with telescopic handles and is designed in accordance with NATO standards for ground, naval and air operations. The NODIN NATO MEDEVAC Stretcher is designed and tested in accordance with NATO STANAG 2040 and NATO STANAG 3204.

To assure safe handling and transport of the patient on stretcher, the NATO MEDEVAC Stretcher is equipped with a 5 point shoulder harness and two point leg harness to firmly secure the patient. NATO MEDEVAC Stretcher is designed with pinch free hinges and has 6 ea 12mm connecting holes for securing equipment to the stretcher. To avoid unintended collapse of stretcher during handling the traverses are firmly secured.


The CASEVAC Kit comprises the NODIN MEDEVAC Stretcher, two web strap supports for the rear of the stretcher and two shock and vibration damped stretcher support for the head end of the stretcher.

The kit is packed in a bag. Total weight is approx 15kg/33lb.

Tactical Evacuation

Patient Transport Support System for Tactical or Strategic evacuation and intra hospital transfer of patients. Patient Transport Support System (PTSS) for critical patients in need of continued monitoring and care during transport. The PTSS is suspended in Standard Aircraft Stretcher Support and has a retractable undercarriage.

Shock and Vibration Damped Support

Shock and Vibration Damped Stretcher Rack is dramatically reduced before entering the patient. Simulations demonstrate that a 40.000g impact in the floor panel is reduced, for a roof mounted NT-620 stretcher rack, to 3,9g on the stretcher bracket and even less at the patient. As the system dampens shocks in all directions, spherical, Shock and Vibration Damped Stretcher Rack is also ideal to reduce the impact from IEDs, roadside bombs. During off road transport it reduces jolts and vibrations, facilitates a less painful evacuation for the patient and reduces the possibilities of increasing the injury.

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