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Key Products : UK’s largest independent aerospace and defence company

Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group is the UK’s largest independent aerospace and defence company. Marshall ADG is leading the MEDP network of companies delivering a wide range of capabilities in the AIR-LAND-SEA domains.

MEDP understand the critical nature of military, security or disaster Medical Support requirements, from the point of injury through evacuation to the home base all through the care chain. Harnessing our extensive experience in key MEDEVAC and Treatment areas, we strive to deliver first-class deployable and mobile systems.

Our core capabilities reside in the understanding of Defence Medical requirements, programme management and technical integration of effective deployable medical systems. Marshall ADG and MEDP deliver Field Hospitals, Container based CT-scanners, Ambulances, life saving equipment, Naval  and Air Evacuation/ambulance systems.

We undertake our activities with one objective in mind – to provide the means for operational units to deliver the best possible patient outcomes from within a deployable/mobile medical system or airborne platforms.

With capacities for full-spectrum engineering excellence and award-winning teams, we work to take our customers’ projects from conceptualisation to delivery and support of fully evolved and certified solutions.

Arctic Trucks

Arctic Trucks is the sole source for high mobility, high durability and high payload modifications to Toyota 4wd vehicles which has built on the experience gained building high mobility vehicles for use in Antarctica.

The core of this concept is to fit taller and wider tyres to a vehicle for increased ground clearance, greater approach, departure and ramp-over angles and crucially increase speed across terrain as well as reduce driver and crew fatigue and also reduce suspension and tyre damage.

We bring to the customers a mobility concept and capability that has not been experienced before and have supplied high mobility covert armoured vehicles, casualty evacuation vehicles and fire and rescue vehicles and rapid deployment vehicles.

We can prime complete vehicle projects, taking integrations from multiple suppliers and being responsible for delivery of the complete system.

With large production facilities in the industrial port town of Drammen and relationship with NDLO we are a perfect partner for Norwegian content for projects requiring Industrial Participation.

Berget AS

When precision and quality are crucial

Berget manufactures fine quality mechanical components for demanding customers belonging to a number of industries.

Berget meets stringent requirements when it comes to efficient and quality assured solutions. We work in collaboration with the aerospace, defense, automotive, medical and subsea industries.

We manufacture products in aluminium, stainless steel, duplex/super duplex, inconel and titanium.

We are developing new solutions for our customers and contribute with suggestions for improving products.

Our manufacturing processes operate 24 hours a day utilizing a high level of automation and highly skilled personnel. This allows us to offer competitive prices for fine mechanical machining.

Berget has a well equipped testing room with modern measuring equipment, including 2 CNC measuring machines.

Berget operates in accordance with international standards and demanding customer requirements. Berget is ISO9001:2008 and AS9100 certified.

Medical Rescue Equipment

Medical Rescue Equipment offers a system for saving soldiers on the front line from the dangers of blood loss and hypothermia.

The INFU Box and INFU Plus ensure infusion of temperature controlled fluid on the front line.

The INFU Box is installed in a front line vehicle, storing the fluid at the right temperature, close to the point of injury.

The infusion fluid can then rapidly be inserted into the INFU Plus.

The INFU Plus will keep the fluid at the right temperature whilst carried by dismounted personnel.

The INFU Plus transfers fluid to the patient using the built in pump. Strapped to the patient, INFU Plus allows the fellow soldier to drag the patient out of harm’s way.

INFU Box has been developed with support from the US Department of Defence, and both systems have been successfully tested and used by Special Forces in Afghanistan and in homeland operations.

NODIN Aviation

NODIN Aviation is dedicated to developing and delivering equipment and concepts for safe patient transport and treatment throughout the chain of evacuation.

NODIN supports customers in developing rapid MEDEVAC capacity on existing platforms in the Air, Land and Sea domains, by offering dedicated Role Equipment.

NODIN Aviation is assisting customers in creating and maintaining a strong patient evacuation chain.

Our CASEVAC kit can be rapidly erected on any platform. It is shock and vibration damped, for maximum protection- including C-IED and mine blasts. The NATO stretcher is foldable and designed to be used seamlessly across air, land and sea platforms.

We can design bespoke solutions for MEDEVAC, exemplified by the Marshall ADG/NODIN Boeing 737 Air Evacuation unit used by the Norwegian Defence, rapidly converted from a commercial to a well equipped medical aircraft.

We focus on developing first response capability to get patients under proper treatment within the “golden hour”.

NorLense Shelter Solution

NorLense offer a wide range of inflatable tents.

The NorLense Swift tents are specially designed to meet the tough demands of mobility and comfort in all climates. This tent type is developed in close co-operation with the Norwegian Armed Forces and is in daily use in numerous operations. Combining low weight and perfect indoor climate, Swift tents are well suited for personnel who require quick deployment or long term establishment of camps.

NorLense is NS-ISO 9001:2008 & NS-EN ISO 14001:2004 certified.

Key features of the Swift tents:

  • High pressure technology (6-8 bar/87-166 PSI)
  • Single point inflated with no need for constant air supply
  • High mobility
  • Designed for applications in any climate
  • Quick and an easy setup with minimum personnel
  • Tent connections to form larger units
  • Minimum maintenance & long durability

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