Company : Treysan Prefabricated Steel Construction Industry

Category : Army

Subcategory : Infrastructure and Construction

Key Products : Accommodation Containers,Prefabricated Panelized System Buildings

A distinguished company within IC Holding, TREYSAN Prefabricated was established in Ankara in 1975. Since then, with its wide product range TREYSAN is serving to the oil / gas sector companies, construction companies, military organizations, armies, and relief organizations by providing temporary and permanent prefabricated camp solutions.

Some of TREYSAN projects:

  • US Armed Forces Camp Buildings: more than 7.000 accommodation units within regional commodity agreement with Kellogg Brown & Root (KBR)
  • Turkish Ministry of Defence, Relocatable Living Containers and ISO Dry Storage Containers (approx. 2.000 ea)
  • TCO Assets Development Project: 8.000 man camp for Intergasstroy and Parsons Flour Daniel in Kazakhstan
  • Oman Blue City Project for AECO Development (ENKA Construction) total of 83.100m² Panelized System Buildings, Containers and Pre-engineered Steel Structures
  • YLNG Project: 23.000 m² Panelized System Buildings, Containers and Pre-engineered Steel Constructions for Intracs Middle East – Technip MW Kellogg, YEMGAS in Yemen
  • South Yoloten Gas Field Project Camp Buildings of 35.724m² , Prefabricated Panelized System Buildings and Containers for CCC in Turkmenistan
  • Kashagan KIP & KPP Project: 34.700 m² Panelized System Buildings, Containers and Pre-engineered Steel Structures for GATE JV / ENI in Kazakhstan

Our Certificates

  • EN-ISO 3834-2
  • ISO-EN 9000
  • EN ISO 9001:2008
  • ISO 14001:2004
  • OHSAS 18001:2007

Accommodation Containers

TREYSAN’s Accommodation Containers provide the perfect product with flexible design and production, simple installation in the factory or in the field, as well as easy transportation and relocation. TREYSAN offers single level or two-storey containers as compounds for a wide span of applications, along with options from packed shipping to on-site installation. TREYSAN’s container designs for diverse applications encompass a range including office space, dormitories, disaster relief, kitchen units and cafeterias, laundry units, WC-shower units, laboratory units, clinic units and storage containers.

Some of the container types manufactured by Treysan, in NATO Source are as follows:

  • Shower Container (NATO Stock Code: 5410270295374)
  • Latrine Container (NATO Stock Code: 5410270295375)
  • Storage Container (NATO Stock Code: 5410270295383)
  • Office Container Type 1 (NATO Stock Code: 5410270295386)
  • Office Container Type 2 (NATO Stock Code: 5410270295390)
  • Accommodation Container (NATO Stock Code: 5410270295397)
  • Boiler Container (NATO Stock Code: 5410270295409)
  • Cold Storage Container (NATO Stock Code: 5410270295410)
  • Water Tank Container (NATO Stock Code: 5430270295398)
  • ISO 1CC 20FT Dry Load Container (NATO Stock Code: 8145270283442)
  • ISO 1AA 40FT Dry Load Container (NATO Stock Code: 8145270496587)

Panelized System Buildings

TREYSAN designs and manufactures high-tech and superior quality Prefabricated Panelized System Buildings which stand out in terms of short production periods, services of transportation and installation, adaptable designs and easy relocation as well as a wide range of applications in any kind of environmental condition.

Quick and cost-saving alternatives for a wide range of sites, TREYSAN’s Prefabricated Panelized System Buildings are ideal in terms of their flexible dimensions, speedy production and easy dismantling or relocation suitable for installation in any area of the world as well as use over longer periods of time. TREYSAN’s Prefabricated Panelized System Buildings can be implemented in diverse areas. These include industrial structures, factory buildings, production facilities, warehouses, work shops, sports centers, airplane hangars, shopping centers and showrooms.

Steel Buildings

Pre-engineered Steel Buildings

TREYSAN also offers permanent solutions in pre-fabricated construction, catering to a range of budgets with practical applications in permanent building. Residence units, villas, prestige buildings, schools and commercial structures are among TREYSAN’s innovative solutions. These Pre-engineered Steel Buildings are built with sturdy galvanized thin-walled steel profiles, which are manufactured in high-tech CAD-CAM controlled lines and joined without welding. The main steel body, internal and external walls, floor panels and roof trusses are produced in separate lines and shipped as modular parts. TREYSAN’s clients confidently attest to the speed of production, simple installation or products, not to mention the advantageous financial aspects.

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