Company : Ring Line Corporation (Radio Development Division)

Category : Army

Subcategory : Electronic Warfare and Jamming Systems

Key Products : Jammer, Cell Phone Signal Detector

Commercially shipped since 2003, “Winpower” is one of Ring Line’s product brands developed by Radio Research & Development Division. The RD team, with over 20 years of RF and communication firmware design experiences, is specialized in the product development and marketing of wireless video and communications products. Winpower’s product family includes CCTV receiver and transmitters, mobile phone immobilizers, video signal jammer, wireless audio/video/data transmitters, surveillance products, and personal protection and self defense devices.

Jammer System Manufacturers

Ring Line’s Jammer or Jammer system, cover frequency 20 ~2400Mhz, and 5.8Ghz, from small power 1 Watt to 500Watt, and include advanced broadband DDS jammer as well.

The cell phone Jammer is well applied in Prison, or conference room to prevent unwelcomed cell phone communication.

The Jammer is available for outdoor usage as well. The waterproofed housing protects the jammer from sands, water, and all kinds of harm.

Cell Phone Signal Detector

Cell Phone Signal Detector can detect four band (GSM/DCS/CDMA/3G) transmission signal simultaneously. Cell Phone Signal Detector is specifically designed to immediately detect transmission signals of Mobil phone, and then send out alarm signals or voice to the monitoring staff. It has the RS-485 data communication port to send operational status and receive control signal. Cell Phone Signal Detector also can link with Mobil phone jamming device through its own AC power socket activate the jamming device when needed, then prevent the always-on jammer broadcasting.

Anti RCIEDs Jammer,

Ring Line Corporation offers a wide range of Anti RCIEDs (/VIP Convey) Jammer used in military applications. The Anti RCIEDs (/VIP Convey) Jammer is for military and police special purposes, such as defending against riots, or VIP protection/convey. The Anti RCIEDs (/VIP Convey) Jammer is available in high RF power and designed for outdoor usage.

Military Equipment Suppliers

These series products include middle power and high power jammer devices with camouflaged Handbag design or with pelican case design. They are focused on military and police special need, and customized according their special requests.

  • The frequency is optional from 20 to 2400MHz.
  • The output power can be chosen from 3W to 40 watt.
  • Built in battery can also be selected according to customers’ needs.


Wireless Transmitting System

Long Range Wireless Transmitting

The wireless transmitting systems overcome the location difficulty of cable/wire system installing, removing and lower the installation cost. By using the wideband FM wireless system, even in complex terrain, Long Range Wireless Transmitting can still transmit high quality, high resolution motion video/audio signal for long distance. Through this Long Range Wireless Transmitting a complex terrain can be transmit high quality motion video CCD signal from long distance.

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