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Key Products : Permanent Magnet Generators, DC Power Supplies and Battery Chargers

IDM S.r.l., established in 1978, is an Italian independent company. In addition to its well known ignition systems and voltage regulators for endothermic engines, IDM develops and manufactures permanent magnet alternators since 1992 with their proper energy conversion devices: chargers, inverters, welders and electronic starter motors. These products find application in a lot of fields ranging from marine, industrial, railway, military and UAV. Most of these products are innovative solutions developed on customer demands and requirements.

Permanent Magnet Generators (PMGs)

PMGs currently in production range from a nominal output power of 100VA up to 20KVA. The material used for the magnets may be ferrite, NdFeB or high temperature SmCo alloys in according with the applications and requests.

The PMGs good efficiency and small dimensions allow big reduction on engine fuel consumption, application size and weight. By means of an electronic system, their proper high frequency voltage and current are converted into standard power supplies, e.g. 230VAC @ 50Hz, 115VAC @ 60Hz, 28VDC, that stay perfect independently by the speed of the engine.

DC Power Supplies and Battery Chargers

IDM DC chargers are very compact solid-state units that are customized to reduce a lot the size and weight of the applications.

They switching mode technology allows high efficiency and very stable output voltages. Some versions for battery charging may be suited for a big variety of battery types and may be programmed from outside.

Inverter Units

Inverters, developed and tested in order to work in combination with our PMGs, allow a perfect sinusoidal output wave at fixed frequency, also when the engine speed and the output loads are changing a lot. IDM’s inverter units can work into hard environments and are internally protected from overload, short circuit and over temperature.

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