Company : Schill Reglerteknik AB

Category : Army

Subcategory : Countermeasures, Camouflage and Pyrotechnics

Key Products : Static Alignment System, Dynamic Alignment System

The surface vessel, an impregnable fortress or a sitting duck? On the importance of static and dynamic alignment of shipboard weapon systems.

Schill Reglerteknik AB A navy's investments in ships and weapon systems represent billions of dollars. The most advanced shipboard weapon systems today perform a great number of concurrent tasks in terms of communication, combat and control with amazing intelligence and swiftness. Nevertheless, alignment and especially recurrent alignment are often regarded as second order issues or even neglected. From our experience, the reasons are partly that the subject is hard to grasp, partly that traditional alignment methods are troublesome to perform, and last but not least, the lack of insight of the real importance and necessity of alignment.