Company : Winkelmann (UK) Ltd.

Category : Army

Subcategory : Communications Systems and Equipment (Army)

Key Products : Electronic Device Detector, Cellular Communications Jammer

Applications for Specialist Visual Search Products

Our aim is to offer customers worldwide a range of quality, cost effective systems that are designed for specific applications. We offer highly portable, robust, intelligent remote imaging solutions featuring a host of advanced, intuitive features making them the ideal choice for remote visual inspection. Endoscopes allow an operator to illuminate and view inside a cavity by drilling a small hole or accessing a cavity through an existing opening. This speeds up the search process and greatly reduces damage and repair costs that would result from the normal destructive opening of the cavity. Flexible endoscopes (fiberscopes) are adopted by most search teams as they allow easy introduction into a cavity, have tip articulation and can travel along bending ducting, such as cable conduit. Given the tactile articulation control, the distal end tip can easily, quickly and accurately be manoeuvred into any position. The EOD IV Multi Swing Prism Rigid Endoscope (Borescope) offers a low cost solution for some applications where direct access is possible. The multi swing prism allows prograde (forward) or retrograde (backward) view during the inspection without the need for changing the scope

Applications for RAPTOR RXi Counter Surveillance Receiver

One of the main objectives of the RAPTOR RXi is to detect and identify new signals. "New" signals can be RF surveillance devices, unlicensed stations or unwanted signals such as interference. Searching for "threat" transmitters is increasingly like "looking for a needle in a haystack". However, the RAPTOR RXi provides the tools to look through this "haystack" and find "threat" transmitters simply and reliably. The Raptor RXi Counter Surveillance Receiver scans from 10kHz to 26GHz in under 4s, detecting even the briefest pulsed transmissions. Featuring a fast Core 2 Duo processor, its multiple software tools and demodulators detect frequency-hopping, burst mode and spread spectrum devices as well as analogue audio and video signals. Two spectrum analyser windows allow the user to simultaneously view the whole spectrum and zoom in on individual frequencies. The 'Waterfall' display mode gives an intuitive display of signals over time. The Raptor is as a portable device, allowing reference scans to be easily run in different areas of a building, operating either from an internal rechargeable battery or an external supply. Its integrated antenna system provides excellent wideband performance from 10kHz to 26GHz.

Applications for HAWK XTS & SEARCHER-2500 Non Linear Junction Detector

A Non-Linear Junction Detector has the ability to detect electronic devices containing semi-conductors including diodes, transistors, IC's, microprocessors, microcontroller, triac, power devices and bi-metal junctions. The HAWK XTS is a portable, simple to use advanced electronic device detector, also known as a Non-Linear Junction Detector (NLJD). The HAWK XTS hand-held system includes automatic frequency selection & automatic power control to prevent saturation of targets and provide more accurate analysis. Rapid development of lithium technology means batteries for the HAWK XTS system will last longer, up to 4 hours operation on a single fully charged battery.

Applications for Fiber Optic Microphones SOM3/SOM4/SOM5

Winkelmann manufactures a wide variety of fiber optic microphones, suitable for a broad range of settings and applications. All of our microphones are engineered to the most demanding environment and safety requirements. Being completely passive, they are ideal for locations and applications where conventional microphones and sensors cannot be used.