Company : Winkelmann (UK) Ltd.

Category : Army

Subcategory : Communications Systems and Equipment (Army)

Key Products : Electronic Device Detector, Cellular Communications Jammer

Winkelmann presents new Electronic Device Detector for IED detection

Winkelmann, a leading provider of EOD/IED Search Equipment, today announced the launch of the HAWK XTS Electronic Device Detector, also known as a Non-Linear Junction Detector (NLJD).

One of the greatest areas of concern to soldiers in the field is that of Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices (RCIEDs), which kill more soldiers in modern warfare than any other weapon system. Such devices are also being increasingly used by terrorist organisations and other subversive groups to target civilian VVIPs and their vehicle convoys. Winkelmann has nearly two decades of experience in developing NLJD's and has delivered over 1500 units to Military & Government agencies.

Over the past few years, NLJD's have played an important role in detecting improvised explosive devices, this has fuelled the latest research, ideas and growth, and technology delivery.

The HAWK XTS is capable of locating and confirming the presence of electronic components found in devices, regardless whether they are switched on or off. The HAWK XTS allows the operator to search voids and areas where they are unable to gain physical or visual access, in order to detect electronic components and determine if the area is free from an Improvised Explosive Device (IED).

The higher frequency of the XTS-2.5 GHz detector has an advantage. On various targets the XTS-2.5 GHz detector is more efficient than detectors operating at 800-900MHz frequencies with greater power.

For ease of use the HAWK XTS has an integral extendable arm that can be altered without interrupting a search. The arm can be quickly extended when searching targets on the ground.

The HAWK XTS hand-held system includes automatic frequency selection & automatic power control to prevent saturation of targets and provide more accurate analysis. Rapid development of lithium technology means batteries for the HAWK XTS system will last longer, up to 4 hours operation on a single fully charged battery.

SEARCHER-2500 Need To Travel Light ?

Down in Crawley, West Sussex, a neat piece of new equipment has emanated from the laboratories of Winkelmann, the experts in counter-surveillance technology.

The SEARCHER-2500 is a portable hand-held scanner which detects hidden mobile phones, bugging gear and other electronic kit and is the smallest of its kind on the market.

"It is ideal for quickly checking a single room for bugs or ensuring no-one takes a mobile into a meeting," said Stephen Read, the company's Int'l Sales Manager and Vice Chairman of the A|D|S Security Export Focus Group.

It weighs in at 965 grammes and is meant for easy operation by one person.

Advantages of 2.5 GHz operation

In today's environment of miniaturisation, the circuitry of electronic devices - in particular mobile phones - is getting smaller and using higher frequencies.

The SEARCHER-2500 (2410-2485MHz) has a higher transmitter frequency, which makes it more likely for the signal to get through small gaps in the screening enclosure of the electronic device and to be picked up by shorter conductors in small electronic circuitry.

The SEARCHER-2500 has a narrower beam, which makes it easier to pinpoint the location of the electronic device in a site with a lot of other 'friendly' electronics.

On various targets SEARCHER-2500 2.5GHz detector is more efficient than detectors operating at 800-900 MHz frequencies with greater power.

RAPTOR RXi - Leading the Way in Counter-Surveillance Technology

Winkelmann was awarded the Special Jury's "Industry Design & Innovation" award at the 6th Annual Canadian Technical Security Conference (CTSC) for their RAPTOR RXi Ultra-fast scanning Countersurveillance Receiver.

RAPTOR RXiThe RAPTOR RXi counter surveillance receiver stands out from the crowd due to its wide scanning frequency range of 10 kHz to 26 GHz, 20 MHz real-time bandwidth, wealth of functionalities and large (15") colour touch screen display.

The award was presented to Mr. Stephen Read Int'l Sales Manager of Winkelmann by Mr. Paul Turner "In recognition of Product Design and Innovation, research and engineering excellence, the CTSC 2011 Committee hereby presents this award as testimony of your contribution to the TSCM industry". Awards were issued during the highly coveted CTSC dinner and awards night.

Winkelmann's presentation on the first day of the conference "New Tools for New Threats" outlining the increasing threat from Ultra Wideband radio technology was well received by the conference delegates and resulted in Mr. Stephen Read picking up a second award from his peers for contributing to the success of the 6th annual technical security conference.

The Canadian Technical Security Conference (CTSC) ™ event is a three (3) day professional development and networking opportunity and is the only conference in the world dedicated solely to TSCM.

The conference is a must attend event for local regional and international TSCM professionals from private sector, corporate security, government, law enforcement and military.

For information about attending CTSC 2012 please contact Paul Turner, information about the 2011/12 event can be found at