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Category : Army

Subcategory : Communications Systems and Equipment (Army)

Key Products : Fiber Optic Cable Designs, Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies

Brugg Cables shows its tactical fiber optical hybrid solutions for integrated data and power distribution networks at the EUROSATORY 2014 in Paris

In order to operate IT-equipment, generally it needs to be connected to a power source and same time to be connected to a data network. In military headquarters or command posts temporary network installations have to be installed in very short time. Operation time is several days up to several years. To shorten the installation time Brugg cables invented the hybrid cable solution. Fiber optical data lines and coaxial copper conductors are implemented in the same cable. In addition there is a harsh environment hybrid connector at both ends, capable to provide fiber optic and electrical power in a small diameter (5.8mm) and light weight hybrid cable.

Brugg Cables launches their next generation tactical fiber optic cables for increased network capacity - shown at IDEX 2013

Military organizations are demanding real-time applications, such as video transmission and video conferencing with their current and future C4I systems. Tactical field radio and microwave communication media are reaching the limit of achieving these demands where higher bandwidths are required. The need for tactical fiber-optic cables to fulfill these operational demands is increasing enormously.

Brugg Cables, Defence & Security at Defexpo India 2012

Brugg Cables, Defence & Security at Defexpo India 2012 Brugg Cables will participate at Defexpo India 2012 - Land, Naval and Internal Security Systems Exhibition in New Delhi from 29th March to 1st April 2012. 1. The BU Defence & Security of Brugg Cables is the supplier of tactical fiber-optic cable solutions for military, homeland security and broadcast applications. The product range covers tactical cables on reels of various sizes. Brugg provides small hand reels for short cable lengths and backpack reels for medium size applications to large drums measuring 5 km or more for vehicle deployment. Brugg cables are assembled with the connectors according to customer's requirement and are ready to use out of the box. 2. Beside the tactical cable assemblies a large range of accessories like adapting cables, cable clamps, telescopic masts etc. are delivered. For life cycle management and the long life span of the cables we offer deployment training, measurement tools, repair cases along with specific training according to our customer's individual needs. 3. At booth 18 in Hall 15 our representative in India, Amtrak Technologies Pvt. Ltd., will show case Brugg Cables Defence & Security range of tactical fiber-optic cables and solutions. For the first time Brugg will display at the Defexpo India the following ruggedised terminal equipment. » Media Converter - for conversion from fiber 1000 Base-LX to copper Ethernet 1000 BaseT. The device is designed for outdoor applications and can withstand harsh military environments. It can be used to extend an Ethernet network by tactical fiber-optic cables over very long distances. » Hybrid Table Distributor - for distribution of data & power from a BRUpowermil hybrid cable to several users in a headquarters or command post LAN. 4. Beside this, Brugg will also display their range of tactical fiber-optic cables to include BRUpowermil, tactical hybrid cable, which is in use at many Defence and Security Organizations in India. The display will include military lens connectors manufactured according to MIL standards and accessories like the wedge clamps used during cable laying.

Brugg Cables launches the new tactical cable, BRUfield at the Eurosatory 2012 in Paris

Brugg Cables launches the new tactical cable, BRUfield at the Eurosatory 2012 in Paris The smart tactical fiber-optic cable solutions by Brugg Cables is a very robust dielectric cable distinguished by its very small diameter and its very low weight. With the same size reel you are using with your standard tactical fiber cables, you can deploy double the distance as of today using the BRUfield cable. Furthermore soldiers would not suffer under the heavy weight since the BRUfield cable is only almost half the weight of standard tactical cables. Finally the BRUfield cable meets exceptional specifications, which out-performs standard tactical dielectric cable types. You can see, touch and feel for the first time our brand new and light tactical fiber optic cable BRUfield. Our staff will be very glad to present all the benefits of this new, metal-free but very strong innovation. As an additional highlight you can explore together with our staff new fields with the tactical hybrid cable BRUpowermil and its range of applications for simultaneous data and power transmission over short as well as long distance. We would be very pleased to welcome you personally at the Swiss Pavilion, booth EF 228 at hall 6, during Eurosatory 2012 from June 11th, to 15th, in Paris North Villepinte Exhibition Centre

Article DSEI 2013

Welcome toDSEI 2013 in London. Brugg Cables Business Unit Sensing &Defence would be pleased to meet you at the World Leading Defence& Security Event, which will take place from: You will get the latest information about tactical cable systems and of course our brand new and light tactical fibre optic cable BRUfield. Our staff will be very glad to present all the benefits of this new, metal-free but very strong invention.