Company : Ascent Circuits Pvt. Ltd

Category : Army

Subcategory : Communications Systems and Equipment (Army)

Key Products : Single Side PCB, Double Side PCB, Multilayer PCB

Ascent Circuits is one of the largest & fastest growing PCB Manufacturers in India. Established in 1999, Ascent Circuits is a one stop solution for PCB requirements   catering to Defense, Aerospace, and Space Application (On Board and Ground) RF & Microwave sectors.

Ascent Circuits understands its customer’s requirements in terms of quality, consistency and reliability, enjoying an impressive clientele world wide. Ascent Circuits believes in leadership, in quality, delivery and costs, which together maximize its delivered value to customers providing customized products without compromising on time-to-market
Ascent Circuits is ISO9001: 2000 & TS 16949 certified by UL Laboratories Inc. PCB process is UL approved and is certified by Government of India, Ministry of Defense (LCSO certified )for manufacture of Multi-Layer Boards.

Multilayer PCB  Technology

  • 4 to 16 layers
  • Min drill  10 mils
  • Min Track width and Spacings : 4mils / 4 mils
  • Aspect Ratio : 1:12
  • Control Impedance : +/- 10%
  • Materials : 130 Tg, 150 Tg, 180Tg
  • Non-Homogenous Material Stackups : Rogers + FR4
  • Boards on FR4, PTFE boards, RF Substrates
  • Reverse Pulse Plating
  •  Blind & Buried vias, blind holes filled with epoxy ink.
  • Blind holes with CAP platting.
  • Edge slots platting, blind slots and holes platting

Finish: LF-HASL, Electrolytic Gold, Immersion Gold (ENIG),   Immersion Tin, Nickel Plating, Silver Jumpers


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