Company : Genetlab Bilgi Teknolojileri San. Ve Tic. A.S.

Category : Army

Subcategory : Base/Camp Protection and Security Systems

Key Products : Wireless Sensor Node, Tedas

Genetlab founded in 2005 is a research and development company that works for defense industry and homeland security fields. The company also focuses on the next generation wireless sensor and actuator network solutions. Genetlab has completed many research and development projects and fielded them.

Genetlab has introduced innovative values and products by developing new wireless sensor network technologies in collaboration with academic researches and patented them.

Wireless Sensor Node

SenseNode-wireless sensor node is a low cost, rapidly deployable node used for intrusion detection purposes specifically in border and facility surveillance systems. The SenseNode-wireless sensor node detects and classifies vehicles, armoured vehicles, animals/individuals and groups with or without gun. Gentelab SenseNode-wireless sensor nodes are made up of a sensing, i.e.  vibration /seismic, magnetic, acoustic, ultrasonic, thermal, cluster and radio transceiver. The sensor readings are processed to classify detected target and to measure its distance and the result is transferred to the center via wireless medium using special protocol. As the SenseNode-wireless sensor node is designed and developed by Genetlab with all units, it can be adapted for different purposes with small changes on hardware and software design.

Sensor Network System

Sensor Network System for Intrusion Detection

TEDAS® is a wireless sensor network system designed to detect intrusion through the fence around a facility.

TEDAS® can be adapted to all types of fences, including chain link, wire mesh and iron guardrails. TEDAS® identifies unauthorized persons attempting to penetrate a perimeter fence system by force or without permission.

The system identifies and locates all unauthorized entry through a fence by cutting the fence and passing through, climbing the fence and jumping over or lifting the fence and crawling underneath.

It reduces the probability of false alarms by eliminating natural events, such as wind or heavy rain, and innocuous activities, such as a person leaning against the fence or hitting it with a ball.

Sensor Network Technology

SenseNode® communicate with each other to transmit alarm information over their wireless and/or wired network to the TEDAS Security Center or to other user interfaces as required, such as a mobile phone. The system can be integrated with other devices such as a camera, siren or lighting.

  • Next generation wireless sensor network technology
  • High reliability
  • Effective monitoring
  • Easy installation
  • Cost-effective infrastructure
  • Integration with camera, siren or lighting
  • Locates incidents with +/-5 m. accuracy
  • Command and control software (SenMot)
  • Operability with alternative energy sources (such as solar energy)

Wireless Sensor Network System

BODAS - wireless sensor network system for pipeline security is used to detect and localise threats against the safety and security of pipelines through use of line-nodes deployed every 100m along the pipe. BODAS wireless sensor network system for pipeline security nodes constitute a wireless network along the pipeline and pre-process signals from geophones buried between 0.3m and 1m below the ground.

BODAS- wireless sensor network system for pipeline security can subsequently localise an intrusion to within 20m of accuracy, and identify a pedestrian within a 30m radius of the pipeline, a person who is digging within a 45m radius, and a truck moving within a 60m vicinity of the pipeline.

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