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Key Products : Defence Protective Eyewear Solutions, Passive Hearing Protection, comtac solutions

3M, the worlds leader in safety and protective equipment, is proud to have the Peltor brand range as part of its product offering. Peltor™ is specialized in the fields of Communications, hearing protections, head and face. Peltor™ has since 2008 become a subsidiary of 3M (was founded in 1902). However for military applications 3M mainly focus on electronic hearing protectors, passive and eyewear.

Peltor communication equipment as well as hearing, head & face protection products for noisy and hazardous environments are renowned world leaders. With more than 60 years of experience, the Peltor brand promises superior quality communication solutions that provide an optimal balance of comfort and protection. With the global technology, manufacturing and knowledge network, 3M do more than simply develop products that help your workforce to operate in safety and comfort. The advanced engineering and technology inherent with the Peltor brand fits with the high standard of quality and innovation of a continuously evolving range of product solutions that you, our customers, come to expect from 3M.

Peltor ComTac™ solutions is used by military forces worldwide since 1998 in a lot of different combination with military radios in several hundred thousand units in total.

Protective Eyewear Solutions

The premium range of safety spectacles offers the highest optical class. A broad range of Defence Protective Eyewear Solutions products include durable anti-scratch and convenient anti-fog coatings. Most of the safety spectacles and goggles by 3M offer reliable UV protection and are all approved to EN166:2001 and are CE marked.

All eyewear products displayed in this catalogue are specially made for Military & Police, and are tested according to Military V** Test regime for high velocity impact protection.

Passive Hearing Protection

Passive Hearing Protection is paramount to a successful hearing conservation programme. If you offer just one type of device it will not suit all workers and you are more likely to get some workers not wearing their Passive hearing protection. However if you consult with your workers over the choice of Passive hearing protection and offer a choice, for example a foam earplug, a banded hearing protector and an earmuff, compliance will improve. Ownership and participation will strengthen implementation.

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