Company : Hohenstein Institute

Category : Army

Subcategory : Personal Protection, Medical and Survival Equipment

Key Products : Military textile materials testing, Material thermal insulation testing

Skin SenSorial Comfort of textiles

These tests measure how a textile is perceived on the skin. By means of test devices sensorial sensations are presentable in numbers and thus become comparable. The test is particularly suited for: All textiles in direct contact with the skin, e.g. » Underwear » T-shirts » Sweaters » Bed linen » Stockings, socks and tights

Measurement Of Wear Comfort

Physiological wear comfort of clothing is determined by its thermophysiological and skin sensorial properties. With the Skin Model thermophysiological properties (heat and moisture management) can be measured. Skin sensorial properties affect how a textile is perceived on the skin. These properties can absolutely and comparatively be assessed by apparatus measurements. The tests are particularly well-suited for: » Knitted products for functional and daily underwear, sweaters, workwear and protective clothing, T-shirts » Fabrics for workwear, protective clothing, uniforms, outer garments and bed linens » Stockings and socks

Measurements With A Thermal Manikin

The thermal manikin is used to measure thermal insulation of a ready- made clothing system. In combination with Skin Model measurements it is possible to calculate breathability of this clothing system, too. Furthermore it is possible to define the range of utility for it. The tests are particularly well-suited for: » Protective clothing against cold (certification according to EN 342 resp. EN 14 058) » Workwear, professional clothing, sportswear, outdoor clothing, including those with vents