Company : Dometic S.à r.l.

Category : Army

Subcategory : Personal Protection, Medical and Survival Equipment

Key Products : Field refrigerators and freezers, Robust food and beverage containers

Dometic Medical Systems – Technology for life

In medicine, there are new discoveries daily, enabling the protection and preservation of life. Therefore, the challenges for a safe storage, transport and handling of medicines, blood, vaccines and other biological tissues are continually growing. Dometic devotes its extensive expertise in the area of applied special refrigeration technology in order to ensure optimal quality and safety that are mandatory for a proper, legally compliant cold chain for vital and temperature-sensitive life preserving preparations. This resulted in the concept “Technology for life”, which forms the basis of the continual advancement of all product ranges of the “Medical Systems” division. Our expertise in this area goes back to the year 1979, when the product range “Cold Chain” was selected by the international health organization to ensure the effectiveness of the cold chain for vaccines worldwide.