Company : Dometic S.à r.l.

Category : Army

Subcategory : Personal Protection, Medical and Survival Equipment

Key Products : Field refrigerators and freezers, Robust food and beverage containers

Dometic S.à r.l., a company in the Dometic group, is based in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, right at the heart of Europe. Dometic S.à r.l. has a history of close co-operation with prestigious international organisations and companies such as health organizations, Red Cross, Aid Agencies and various military customers. Dometic has established a worldwide distribution network and is nowadays recognized as a reliable and  professional partner in the catering world.  The company is ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001 certified.  Dometic S.à r.l. has achieved an impressive track record of growth with over 200 employees.  For the concepts of “Meals Distribution”, “Food Transport” and  “Field Refrigeration”, Dometic S.à r.l. offers a full product range: rotationally moulded insulated containers for transporting and storing food, transport and field refrigerators. Tailor-made solutions of all products or for all needs are also possible.

Large insulated containers for the transport of fresh or frozen food:

Highly mobile, thanks to a 4 wheels construction, these units are so well insulated that they can accommodate transport of fresh or frozen goods for upto 2 days by non refrigerated trucks or plane, yet ensuring the cold chain is not broken even in hot climates.

Field refrigerators and freezers:

They are dedicated for integration into containerised kitchens, shelters, barrack sorten as to maintain perishables in good and safe conditions. Several capacities are available to provide the best possible choice depending on the deployment conditions. Additionally, Dometic refrigerators and freezers can be used as transport units when dedicated batteries or electrical connections are made available on the transport vehicle.

Robust food and beverage containers:

These containers show an outstanding insulation performance even in the most rigorous climatic conditions. All containers are portable and stackable. The inner stainless steel liner or pans provide a much hygienic solution and will not alter the original flavor of the food or beverage.

Some more detailed product descriptions:

The GB-3 model (11L / 3gal) is the most technologically advanced insulated beverage dispensing container available on the market. It is now also available in 18L (5gal) and 23L (6gal) versions. Its stainless steel inner liner ensures perfect hygiene.

The GB-7 and GB-7 Compact models are ideal Gastronorm-compatible insulated food carriers. These models can be supplied with stainless steel GN containers and lids.

The GB-24 model is a 100L, front opening, insulated container to transport Gastronorm containers, and is equipped with two integrated carrying handles. It offers a superior insulation performance. Dometic also supplies the GB-24 PLUS model, which has a thermoelectrical system for an increased hold over time of cold or hot food preparations.

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