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Key Products : 2D search and surveillance systems, 3D Surveillance Systems

Reutech is able to provide a range of products for landward defence application including early warning radar sensors, state-of-the-art tactical V/UHF communications, stabilised weapon platforms and a full range of fuzing for mortars, rockets and tube launched projectiles.

  • Tactical V/UHF Communications

State-of-the-art Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology is incorporated in the tactical VHF transceiver family, together with High level encryption and fast frequency hopping. Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) is also used to provide secure communications and a low probability of intercept in hostile environments. Reliable Link ZA networking capabilities are provided, enabling high data throughput, and simple interfaces to external applications.

  • 2D Search and Surveillance Systems

The ESR 220 radar is highly mobile solid state L-band 2D search and surveillance systems designed to provide early warning to air defence troops in the battlefield. The ESR220 is packaged as a fully autonomous armoured system with self-contained power plant, transportable on a single vehicle, and capable of being fully operational within 10 minutes of arrival at the deployment site.

Utilising the Air Defence Control software, the radar information can be combined with information from other radar sensors to provide a combined air picture, as well as the local battery fire control functionality of the South African Army Ground-based Air Defence System.

  • 3D Surveillance Systems

The ESR 3xx is a family of fully coherent 3D medium and long-range solid-state L-band surveillance radars using planar array antennas to form a number of spatially encoded beams in order to extract height information in real time.

The 200 km range ESR 360L system is a high accuracy 3D air surveillance system with Ground Control Intercept (GCI) capability for operators, who are housed in remote display shelters. These 3D surveillance systems make use of a solid-state distributed transmitter and receiver architecture housed within a composite-material antenna structure.

Technology developed for the ESR 360 variants has also been applied to the ESR 380 which has a 400 km instrumented range.

  • Homeland Security - StealthRad

The RSR 900 StealthRadT product range is a family of low-cost, lightweight, Low Probability of Intercept (LPI) Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) radars.

Members of the StealthRadT family can be applied in multiple roles, and provides for a range of features that can be tailored to specific user needs.

  • Fuzes

Artillery Fuzes are available for gun calibres 105mm to 203mm, specialised for 155mm, 39 to 52 calibre systems.

Mortar Fuzes, including 'on-board settable' M9813 and MTF-01 Inductive Settable Time fuzes and the M9815 Dual Mode fuze with switch selectable Proximity or Point Detonation mode are suitable for 60mm to 160mm or spin fin stabilised conventional, extended range and rocket assist mortar bombs.

Rocket Proximity Fuzes, suitable for 68mm to 220mm calibres, are specialised for extended range, high velocity rocket systems. The fuzes offer factory set burst height and safety time with point detonation backup. The range includes Proximity fuzes for the Eastern 122mm GRAD (BM21 and BM36) and 107mm rocket systems.

Mortar FuzesElectronic fuzes for mortar HE and Cargo bombs are available for 60mm - 160mm. The M9813 Electronic Time Fuze is hand settable and is in use on smoke and illumination rounds. The M9815 dual mode fuze for HE bombs provides a switch selectable proximity (airburst) or impact (PDSQ) function to the user. The soon to be qualified M0829 provides a switch selectable proximity, point detonation delay (PDD) or point detonation superquick (PDSQ) choice to the user prior to fifing an HE bomb.

  • Weapons Systems

The Land Rogue remote-controlled weapon is a stabilised platform, designed around the popular 7,62mm, 12,7mm and 20mm machine guns. The weapon is pointed and operated from under armour, which reduces the risk of fatality. Since the Rogue platform is gyro-stabilised, it allows observation and firing of the weapon on the move. Additionally, its fire directing system (FDS) software enables firing at moving targets. The system is equipped with a Thermal Imaging System, providing a cost-effective stabilised observation capability.

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