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AADS is part of an Automotive Group of companies which has traded since 1904. It was appointed by Jeep as authorized suppliers of the Jeep J8 to Governmental and Military Organizations worldwide.

AADS is a contracted supplier of Jeep J8 vehicles to the US Department of Defense and has supplied vehicles to over 25 countries in support of logistical and front line operations.

AADS has pioneered it’s very own in-house design, development, prototyping and production of Jeep J8 accessories.

AADS cares passionately about service and support - especially spare parts and after-sales support. It also provides extensive training, both for drivers and technical staff. Thereafter, AADS field engineers offer on-going training as required.

The Jeep J8

The original 4x4 military vehicle is back and is currently fulfilling various roles around the globe.

Over 65 years of engineering experience, has resulted in a vehicle with class-leading off-road characteristics, reliability and economy. The military Jeep J8 model is supplied in 2 and 4 door versions. Its large payload, abd its flexible modular structure allow for a wide spectrum of command, liaison and patrol roles.

The Jeep J8 is offered in multiple configurations including troop transportation, reconnaissance, ambulance, armoured and patrol versions. In its typical patrol variant, it can transport four crew members with their kit, communications and special-purpose equipment.

Along with its superior performance, adaptability and value for money, the J8 can rely on Jeep's global service network making it the vehicle of choice for modern armed forces.

AADS Value Added Services

Integrated Logistics Support

Quality assurance and training on the maintenance and repair of all military vehicles in the AADS lineup, including

  • Technical manuals
  • Training
  • Parts supply
  • Warranties
  • Logistics.

After-sales support

Our after-sales staff travel all over the world providing solutions for our customer's requirements. We fully understand that after-sales support is the number one priority for most military purchasers. We will build a complete bespoke after-sales programme with each customer, encompassing the following key elements:

  • Jeep J8 manuals and catalogues
  • Chrysler Wi-Tech diagnostic tool
  • Parts supply and stocking recommendations
  • In-country technical and driver training

Driver training


We offer dedicated in country courses provided by certified instructors in the following subjects:

  • Driver training.
  • Technical and maintenance training.
  • Fleet and workshop training.
  • Vehicle sustainment.

Fleet management


AADS can provide tailored fleet management services to help users manage and maximize their vehicle assets.



At AADS, we ensure that your vehicles are delivered using shipping lines that not only offer a service that is fast and efficient, but are also cost effective. From our extensive research and experience, we have identified the key market leaders within the freight industry and are confident we can provide a first class service to worldwide destinations. AADS can also fully insure your vehicles during shipping using specialised insurers.

Command Vehicle

The Jeep J8 Command Vehicle is equipped with a reinforced chassis, larger brakes, axles and suspension components. Jeep J8 Command Vehicle has a payload capacity of 1,160kg and is available as a 2 or 4 door model with an optional hard/soft top.

Reconnaissance Vehicle

The Jeep J8 2-door Reconnaissance Vehicle is equipped with a full external safety cage offering rollover protection. The carbon steel tubular structure of Jeep J8 Reconnaissance Vehicle provides mounting points for a 360° turret ring along with other tactical equipment.

Armoured Patrol Vehicle

Based on the 4-door J8 platform the Armoured Jeep J8 Patrol Vehicle is fully protected to STANAG 4569 level 1 (CEN B6). This Armoured Patrol Vehicle incorporates a 360° turret ring with an armoured hatch and gunner protection plates along with a number of tactical and operational accessories.

Utility Vehicle

The Jeep J8 Utility Vehicle is equipped with a reinforced chassis, larger brakes, axles and suspension components. The Jeep J8 Utility Vehicle has an extended body and can be ordered in a 2 or 4 door configuration; this allows a diverse range of roles to be fulfilled by this vehicle, including troop transport (crew capacity of 11), cargo vehicle, communications etc.

Military Ambulance Jeep

Based on the Jeep J8 2 door vehicle, the Jeep J8 Military Ambulance is a fast response vehicle to safely evacuate troops injured in the field. Fitted with an adjustable roller stretcher, folding pole stretcher, the Military Ambulance Jeep also fitted with IV track bar with two bottle hooks and a large first aid cabinet.

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